Frontend Login and Password Reset
Give members a seamless user experience to login or reset their password via a frontend page on your site. You can block access to the WordPress dashboard and hide the Toolbar based on member role.  

Frontend User Profiles
Allow users to manage their own profile information, including default fields, their account password, and update any custom fields you have added for their level.

Membership Account Dashboard
Members can view their active membership, past invoices, update their subscription payment method, change levels, or cancel their account.

Member Directory & Profile Pages
Create a public or members-only directory and individual profile pages for each member. Your directory or profile page can be customized with your desired user fields and additional content such as an image, download, or embedded video.

Limit Post Views
Restrict the number of protected pages a non-member or lower tier member can access until they hit a paywall.

Advanced Levels Page 
Enhance the appearance of your pricing page with columns, images, custom content, or a comparison table of features. You can also use your favorite pricing table plugin or a page builder to design your levels page.