This hook controls whether or not to allow registrations with email addresses which have already been used. By default, PMPro does not allow multiple registrations with one email address and shows an error if the email address has already been used.


Controls whether to send the default WordPress new user notifications when a user is created at checkout. By default, this is set to false.


This hook pmpro_checkout_start_date allows you to change the start date of a membership before checkout.


This filter modifies the level  given by a discount code.  It passes the level object and the discount code ID.


Filters the required fields for the Account Information section on the checkout page. Passes the array of field names.


This filter changes the URL to redirect to on confirmation. By default, this redirects to the PMPro Confirmation page with pmpro_url("confirmation", "?level=" . $pmpro_level->id). It also passes the user ID of the current user and the level object.


Execute code before sending the order to 2Checkout. This hook passes the user ID of the order’s customer and the MemberOrder object.


Use this action to execute custom code after a user checks out, before any emails are sent. This hook passes the WordPress user’s id number and the membership order number.


This is executed at checkout before calling the sendToPayPal method on the order. The register helper plugin has been updated to update user meta fields during this hook in addition to the pmpro_after_checkout hook. (Because for PayPal Standard, when pmpro_after_checkout is called, the $_SESSION vars are unavailable to it. So other plugins relying on the pmpro_after_checkout hook may have issues with PayPal Standard.)