Force PMPro to login over http or https in case other plugins (like WordPress MU Domain Mapping) conflict with what should be chosen here


This hook pmpro_checkout_start_date allows you to change the start date of a membership before checkout.


This filter modifies the level  given by a discount code.  It passes the level object and the discount code ID.


Filters the required fields for the Account Information section on the checkout page. Passes the array of field names.


This filter changes the URL to redirect to on confirmation. By default, this redirects to the PMPro Confirmation page with pmpro_url("confirmation", "?level=" . $pmpro_level->id). It also passes the user ID of the current user and the level object.


Modifies the list of valid gateways used by PMPro. By default, it returns the gateway set in Memberships > Payment Settings in the WordPress Dashboard.