Our Recurring Payment Email Reminder Add On allows you to notify members that their membership renewal payment is processing soon. This recipe shows you how to use the pmpro_upcoming_recurring_payment_reminder filter to modify when that notification is sent.

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By default, the Recurring Payment Email Reminder Add On will send a notification 7 days prior to a member’s recurring payment date. In the example below, we are modifying that default to send the notification 14 days (or two weeks) prior to renewal. Annual plans may want to adjust this to 30 days prior (roughly 1 month) or another value that best fits the needs of your membership program.

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This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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if the purchase of the plan is on the 20th, and the plan is renewed every month. When will it be renewed on the 1st of the following month or the 20th?


I have a question about membership renewal, if I set Recurring Subscription for 1 year, at renewal time does it make transaction automatically or user have to initiate payment manually ?? How does it work for debit card or bank transaction ??

Also I need to know that do I need to a create Subscription plan on Paypal ?

How does this membership renewal actually work ?

The subscriptions are all handled at the gateway and will trigger automatically for the appropriate time frame. You do not need to create a subscription plan on PayPal, these should be created automatically at checkout.

You should set the initial payment, recurring payment per 1 year with no limits or expiration.

Hi there,

I spoke with our development team and it would appear that it might be a little complicated to do. I would suggest trying to reach out to our Support Team to see if there is a potential workaround that they could suggest for you.

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