Some membership sites want to have rolling membership, while other sites have a specific renewal date (January 1). This PMPro add on plugin adds a “delay” field to your membership level edit or discount code, allowing you to set a variable length period between the member checkout and the subscription payment start date. This works for levels both with and without an initial payment. How it Works Take this example: If you have a calendar-year based membership running from January 1 to December 31. Members can sign up any time within the year for the initial payment (if applicable), and you can set the “delay” to be January 1 of the following year. For this example, set “delay” to Y2-01-01. View the Add On But wait, there’s more! The PMPro Subscription Delays plugin was originally designed to allow you to set a variable length “trial” period to your plan. Let’s say you have an annual membership that you want to allow a 7 day trial to. You can also set the “delay” field to the integer 7….

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