Below is a list of eLearning, courseware or Learning Management System (LMS) plugins that developed an integration with Paid Memberships Pro. These plugins are not maintained by PMPro.

LearnDash – Paid Memberships Pro Integration

With this integration, you can create membership level access and associate the access levels to LearnDash courses. Customers are automatically enrolled into courses after signing up for membership.

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LearnPress by Thimpress

Paid Membership Pro add-on for LearnPress creates subscriptions for better management of learning and budget needs.

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MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS for WordPress allows any educational institution to create, manage, and sell online courses. MasterStudy LMS works with Paid Memberships Pro to adjusting the number of courses available in subscription and create smart subscription plans.

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Tutor LMS (Pro)

Tutor LMS is an all-in-one learning management system that covers everyone from the Individual Instructor, Educational Institution, and anyone type of eLearning Platform. v1.3.6+ of the plugin’s Pro version includes integration for Paid Memberships Pro. Enable Paid Memberships Pro integration via the “Monetization” panel. Then, when you edit a membership level, you can assign course access as part of paid membership.

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WP Courseware – Paid Memberships Pro Addon

Assign WP Courseware course(s) to a Paid Memberships Pro membership level. Once the course(s) are assigned to a membership level, upon purchase of a membership level and registration, a student will automatically be enrolled into the associated courses.

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