LifterLMS is an e-learning plugin for WordPress that is available for free in the plugin repository. The software includes courses, lessons, quizzes, achievement badges, and more.

LifterLMS includes their own features for course enrollment and course membership. Use the Streamlined Compatibility Mode for a seamless integration between Paid Memberships Pro and LifterLMS. This mode allows Paid Memberships Pro to exclusively manage course access and restrictions, simplifying the membership management process.


  1. Install the LifterLMS Plugin via the WordPress Repository or Plugins > Add new in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. In the LifterLMS Setup Wizard, check the box to “Enable streamlined version of LifterLMS.” In addition, you can also enable/disable the streamline by navigating to Memberships > Settings > Advanced.
Screenshot of the LifterLMS Setup Wizard and Compatibility Mode Option with PMPro v2.12+

Video Demo: PMPro + LifterLMS Streamlined

How to Restrict Courses with PMPro

A new member is automatically enrolled in all courses for their level upon checkout. If a member changes their level, they are also unenrolled from courses not included in their updated level.

  1. Edit your LifterLMS course. Locate the “Require Membership” metabox. Check any memberships levels that you want to allow access for this course. Then, save and update your course.
  2. Recommendation: Disable the Basic and Email Enrollment notifications. Navigate to LifterLMS > Settings > Notifications page in the WordPress admin and disable Basic and Email Enrollment notifications for students.

If a user viewing your course does not have the correct membership level, they will see the protected content message as specified in the Memberships > Settings > Advanced area of your WordPress admin.

Existing Course Enrollments

This streamline does not include any update scripts to manage course enrollment for existing members. Members with an existing membership level will not be automatically enrolled in a course upon adding protection.

Course protection and enrollment are hooked in the level change event, updating only for new members or those who cancel or change their level.

  • You must manually add current members to newly protected courses
  • You must manually remove enrolled users that do not have the correct membership level for access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Streamlined Compatibility Mode

What is the Streamlined Compatibility Mode in the integration of Paid Memberships Pro with LifterLMS?

Streamlined Compatibility Mode is a feature that allows seamless integration between Paid Memberships Pro and LifterLMS. This mode allows Paid Memberships Pro to exclusively manage course access and restrictions, simplifying the membership management process.

How do enrollments work in Streamlined Compatibility Mode?

In Streamlined Compatibility Mode, Paid Memberships Pro manages the enrollments in courses. Upon checking out a membership level, the system automatically enrolls the user in courses available for that membership level.

Are there any limitations in Streamlined Compatibility Mode?

In this mode, LifterLMS disables some of its native membership features to prevent conflicts and streamline the user experience.. The primary limitation is that Paid Memberships Pro exclusively handles course access and restrictions, not LifterLMS.

Can I switch between different integration methods?

Switching between different integration methods (e.g., from the Courses for Membership Add On to Streamlined Compatibility Mode) is possible but requires careful planning. It’s important to consider the implications for existing users and content before making such a change.

What if I already have the Courses for Memberships Add On that integrates Paid Memberships Pro with LifterLMS before the streamline was available?

If you have been using the Courses for Membership Add On for integration, you can continue to do so. This Add On allows for membership requirements on LifterLMS courses but operates differently from the native streamlined compatibility mode. For those that do not wish to switch to the streamline,iIt’s a viable option.

Can I switch from using LifterLMS’s membership features to Paid Memberships Pro? How does it work?

Yes, it’s possible to switch from LifterLMS’s membership features to Paid Memberships Pro. This process involves migrating membership data and setting up Paid Memberships Pro to handle course access. However, this transition might require some manual adjustments to ensure data integrity and consistent user experience.

Is it possible to use only LifterLMS’s membership features without integrating Paid Memberships Pro?

Yes, you can use LifterLMS’s membership features independently of Paid Memberships Pro. For detailed information on LifterLMS’s membership capabilities, refer to their official documentation. This option is suitable for users who prefer the native membership management system of LifterLMS.

Where can I find support for setting up and troubleshooting the integration?

For support, refer to the official websites of Paid Memberships Pro and LifterLMS. They provide comprehensive guides, support forums, and customer service for troubleshooting and queries.