The ‘pmpro_memberships_users’ table tracks a user’s membership (separate of their membership orders) for deeper reporting. The table includes a list of statuses that you can use to build custom reports.

The updated Member History Add On makes use of these statuses for deeper insights into a member’s activity on your site.

Statuses Available for Reporting

The new statuses available in this table include:

  • active: The user’s current membership level
  • admin_cancelled: The admin cancelled the user’s membership under the Users > Edit User page.
  • admin_changed: The user’s level was changed by the admin under the Users > Edit User page.
  • cancelled: The user cancelled their membership via the frontend page set as “Cancel Page” under Memberships > Page Settings
  • changed: The user changed their membership to another option via a frontend membership checkout
  • expired: The user’s membership expired and they did not renew or select a new level prior to expiration.
  • inactive: All of cases where the membership level changed. Also the status given to all inactive memberships before PMPro version 1.8.

The Updated Member History Add On

I’ve updated the Member History add on to include a toggle-view for history based on Orders or on Membership History. The Membership History view includes admin changes, including an admin creating a new member, admin cancellations, and admin level changes.

View the Add On

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Will these statuses show up in the Members List page too (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pmpro-memberslist)?

We need to sort and export CSV reports there using these statuses.


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