Add On Updates for November 2020

This post lists the Paid Memberships Pro Add On Updates completed in November 2020.

Add On Updates include the following: Aweber | Member Directory | Roles for Membership Level | Require Strong Passwords | Shipping Address on Membership Checkout | Vat (Value-Added Tax)

Add On Updates for Paid Memberships Pro

How to Build an Association Membership Site – IAWP

In this showcase, we look at how IAWP used Paid Membership Pro to build an association membership site. More specifically, how they run memberships, protect content, and manage recurring online payments and subscriptions. We also explore Robert Wilkins’ journey in setting up the IAWP membership site.

The International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) develops and connects workforce professionals. Their mission is to strengthen the workforce development system through education and networking.

Building an associations membership site

Add On Updates for October 2020

This post lists the Paid Memberships Pro Add On Updates completed in October 2020.

Add On Updates include the following: bbPress Integration | Sponsored/ Group Members | Addon Packages | Membership Maps | BuddyPress Integration | Register Helper | Series: Drip-Feed Content | Payflow Recurring Orders | Payfast Payment Gateway and Roles for Membership Level

Add On Updates for Paid Memberships Pro

BuddyPress Integration Add On v1.2.3 Released

We’ve continued to improve and address edge cases with this newest release of the BuddyPress Integration Add On for Paid Memberships Pro. You can update the plugin via the Dashboard > Updates page in your WordPress admin. Read on to explore the full list of improvements.

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Set Display Name for BuddyPress Profile at Membership Checkout

Many membership sites use BuddyPress to facilitate communication, messaging, and member engagement. By default, BuddyPress sets the user’s profile name as their selected user login. If you would like a more personalized BuddyPress profile, check out this recipe to set the name to the user’s First and Last name….

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New BuddyPress Integration for Membership Communities using Paid Memberships Pro

We’ve just launched our BuddyPress Integration in the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can now restrict access to specific features of your BuddyPress community by membership level, allowing you to build a custom, private, and flexible members-only community.

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Apply a BuddyPress “Member Type” on Membership Checkout or Level Change

The BuddyPress Add On for Paid Memberships Pro allows you to assign BuddyPress “Member Types” by Membership Level. The code recipe below demonstrates how to create a “member type” in BuddyPress.