This post covers how to export your Members List to CSV. We’ll cover the default columns included in the export, as well as a method to add additional user data to the file.

Access the Members List Export

The “Export to CSV” feature of Paid Memberships Pro is located on the Memberships > Members List admin page. Here you will see your full Members List, which can be filtered based on several features, including Membership Level, Status, or via search. The exported CSV file is based on the active filter in the current view. If you would like to add additional data to this admin page or allow for more detailed filtering, see:

Default Fields Included in the Members List Export

The basic CSV export will include these fields:

  • id
  • username
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email
  • billing firstname
  • billing lastname
  • address1

  • address2
  • city
  • state
  • zipcode
  • country
  • phone
  • membership
  • initial payment

  • fee
  • term
  • discount_code_id
  • discount_code
  • joined
  • expires

Adding Additional Data to the Export

There are a few methods to add data to your CSV export.

The easiest method applies to fields that are created via the Register Helper Add On. The code that adds your additional fields will simply need to be updated with attribute memberslistcsv => true. See detailed information on adding fields via Register Helper here.

If you need to add fields that were not created via Register Helper, you will need a custom function that uses the hook: pmpro_members_list_csv_extra_columns . For example, the code recipe below demonstrates how to add fields from the wp_users or wp_usermeta tables as well as fields added via BuddyPress. There may be other custom tables you need to pull in data from, in which case you’d need to access the user information in another way (dependent on the plugin you are trying to interact with).

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a PMPro Plus Account or higher.

View Membership Options

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Author’s gravatar

The export is great. Is there a way to import it? We had an issue with the WP database and had to restore to an earlier period. We have an export csv of the member list in pmpro and want to re-0import the membership status from the csv? Is it possible?

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Is there a way to programatically export the user lists? Say I have three new signups, can we set a job to run to export only these new users to the CSV to a path on the server? The idea is to automate the export for accounts that are new or undergo a change, in info or membership level, for integration with another system which can take action based on the changes.

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Do you have a function to export the members list and send it to a dedicated email with certain frequency? (i.e. biweekly or weekly)

Author’s gravatar

Hi @yayaka,

Please get in touch with our Support Team via our Member Support Forums. Perhaps one of our Support Engineers can help you with this.


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