AWeber is releasing an update to their OAuth authentication and API calls, and we’ve released v1.3 of our AWeber Integration Add On to meet their new requirements. Read the steps below to update, authenticate, and continue using AWeber with your WordPress site.

About the Update

Jason has updated the add on in a few ways. First and foremost it now uses the new AWeber OAuth methods. After upgrading the plugin, you will need to reauthorize the application.

The plugin now makes it more clear how to get an authorization code. We updated the display to hide the Access Key and Access Secret from the options screen to make things less confusing (these are set automatically from the authorization code). The plugin now better handles times when an app is de-authorized or a new authorization code is issued.
PMPro AWeber Integration Options

How to Update

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard > Updates screen in the WordPress admin.
  2. Check the box next to the “Paid Memberships Pro – AWeber Add On” and click “Update Plugins”
  3. Navigate to Settings > PMPro AWeber
  4. Verify that your app is authorized or complete the prompted steps to re-authorize your app. See this documentation page provided by AWeber for instructions on authorizing your app.

The full list of updates is below

  • BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Now fetching a new consumer key/secret pair to comply with AWeber OAUTH updates.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Making sure we don’t forget your list settings when reauthenticating with AWeber.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added an admin notice that checks no more than once per day if the AWeber API is working and if not shows a link to the settings page.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved messaging to make it more clear how to authorize the app at AWeber. Compatible for the Jan 16, 2017 API updates.
  • BUG: Fixed some warnings.
  • BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Will now fetch > 100 lists if you have that many. (Thanks, Fabio on GitHub)