Below is a list of the third-party email marketing integrations available for Paid Memberships Pro.

Third-Party Email Marketing Platforms

Sign Up for AWeber

AWeber Integration

Integrate User Registrations with AWeber. Adds members to lists based on their membership level.

Sign Up for Constant Contact

Constant Contact Integration

Integrate User Registrations with Constant Contact. Adds members to lists based on their membership level.


ConvertKit Integration

Integrate your ConvertKit tags with Paid Memberships Pro membership levels. This Add On is provided and supported by ConvertKit.

Sign Up for GetResponse

GetResponse Integration

Add users to GetResponse campaigns, with or without Paid Memberships Pro.

Sign Up for MailChimp

MailChimp Integration

Integrate User Registrations with MailChimp. Adds members to lists based on their membership level and includes level ID and name as merge fields.

On-Site User Email Systems

Email Users Integration

Easily kick off an email to your WordPress site users directly in the WordPress admin. You can segment users by a few criteria, including their Paid Memberships Pro “Membership Level”. The Paid Memberships Pro integration is built in to the core plugin.

View the Plugin

MailPoet Integration

Adds a checkbox on checkout page for your customers to subscribe to your MailPoet newsletters. This Add On is provided and supported by MailPoet.

View the Plugin

Comments (46)

Hi Kimberly,
I’ve noticed that all of these email marketing integrations (Aweber, constant contact, convertkit, infusionsoft (which is left out of this list by the way), mailchimp) are all available without PMpro plus. However, the GetResponse intergration seems to require pmpro plus. It’s the only one! is this a mistake? or did you intentionally discriminate lol

I’m hoping you will add ActiveCampaign to the list very soon.
I’ve requested that feature last year because I’m now moving, by hand, contacts from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign every time I want to send out a news letter.
ActiveCampaign is better than all the clients you mention in this post. They are all very good but AC does more, better and more cost efficient.

Do you have any plans to integrate as an email campaign system? We have been using them for some time and they are a great value. It would be great to have your plug-in work with SENDINBLUE!!

Please let me know if you can and or will integrate with them!!!



They were not on our radar. We do not have plans to integrate with them. I’d like to see other developers or the third parties get more involved in developing and maintaining this kind of integration. We can help out, but we’d be spreading ourselves too thin if we took on another integration like this 100%.

I’d like to use sendingblue too. How can you help with adding sendinblue? Is there a webhook or something like that?

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for ActiveCampaign, it’ll make my membership usage so much more robust with what’s in the works. I’ll even submit a case study once it’s done and operational, if needed.

Hi Mukti,

We do not currently have an ActiveCampaign integration at the moment, but we are working on a Zapier Integration which will allow you to send data between different web apps, it should work with ActiveCampaign too.

Keep an eye on our blog for more information on the release information of the add-on.

Hope this helps!

Is it possible to create new members with ActiveCampaign through Zapier?

For example, I’d like to use ThriveCart to sell memberships. ThriveCart would take the sale, and create a user in ActiveCampaign with a “Level 1” tag applied. Then I’d use Zapier to use this new ActiveCampaign member, and create a new user in Paid Memberships Pro with the corresponding membership level.

Is this possible?

Hi @Sunny T,

In theory, it should be but I have yet to test this specific Zapier ‘workaround’ use case myself. If you manage to get it working feel free to drop a comment and let us know how you do!

So having not worked with webhooks too much in the past, I wish there was more documentation on the “Receive Data from Zapier (Actions)” section of I’m not sure what to set the “Payload type” to, or how exactly to map the data. For example, I think I know how to map the parameters, but how do I make it perform the “add_member” action?

I plan to use Sendinblue combined with Paid Memberships Pro.
Any advice on how best integrate? Still no plugin planned from your side?

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