Whether you’ve just launched or are well into your membership business journey, you may be wondering how to get real-time notifications when a new member joins your site. Sure, PMPro sends an admin email with every new checkout.

But what are some other ways you can get instantly notified when there’s a new signup?

In this guide, we showcase two popular apps built by Stripe and PayPal that work with PMPro to send you a notification when there’s a new sale. We’ve also included a code-based tutorial to send you an SMS/Text Message notification with new checkouts. Or, consider using our Slack Integration Add On to get new messages sent right to your workspace after checkout.

More Membership Checkout Notification Methods for Membership Site Admins

Stay In Control of Your Membership Site

Setting up notifications of new checkouts on your membership site have so many benefits to your as the owner. For example, checkout notifications like the ones described in this guide help you with:

  1. Real-time tracking: Notifications allow you to stay on top of new members as they register, so you can feel that awesome dopamine hit of your site’s success. Plus, if you need to do any manual processes to welcome and onboard new members, you can do fulfill those tasks quickly and keep your customers satisfied.
  2. Fraud detection: Notifications can also help you detect fraudulent activity on your site by alerting you to suspicious order patterns or other red flags. Do you usually get 15 new members in a day, and suddenly see hundreds of checkouts in one hour? There might be some fraudulent activity on your site (or maybe you just went viral).
  3. Inventory management: While most membership sites don’t maintain physical inventory, those that do appreciate that time notifications help you manage inventory levels in real-time. Or, even if your membership is completely virtual, maybe there’s a component that you deliver personally, like a coaching call. Inventory management helps you maintain your “time inventory” too.
  4. Sales tracking: notifications can also be used for sales tracking and analytics. It could help you to track how many sales are happening on your website and get better insights about the revenue and about the customer behavior.

Let’s explore how you can use mobile apps, text messages, and even your Slack workspace to customize how you receive new membership checkout notifications.

PayPal App [iOS] [Android]

PayPal App for iOS with Notifications Settings Screen

The PayPal App, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to keep track of your PayPal account. It includes push notifications for incoming money (i.e. Membership Checkouts) and outgoing funds (i.e. Refunds or other purchases with your PayPal account).

We use the PayPal app to receive checkout notifications. It’s very quick to setup, simply download the app then login with your PayPal account credentials for the PayPal account linked to your membership site. You can also easily transfer fund from your PayPal account to your linked checking/savings accounts via the “Wallet” > “Withdrawal” screen.

Notifications can be configured via Settings > Notifications.

Stripe Dashboard App [iOS]

Stripe App for iOS Notifications settings screen

The Stripe Dashboard App, available only for iOS, allows you to keep track of your Stripe account. Toggle the push notifications that you want to see, including Today’s Summary, Payments and New Customers.

If you’re on Android, use your Chrome browser to navigate to the Stripe Dashboard. Then, click the ”  ” icon and click “Add to Home Screen”. This will add a shortcut link to the very mobile-friendly Stripe Dashboard.

Just like the PayPal app, Stripe Dashboard is very quick to setup, simply download the app then login with your Stripe account credentials for the Stripe account configured on your membership site. Notifications can be configured (in the iOS app) via the “gear” icon in the upper right under Notifications.

Note: We stopped using the Stripe Dashboard app due to some bugs related to the app “resetting” my push notification settings. (we’re shared into more than one Stripe account and we only want notification for our main account, but it kept refreshing and sending notification for all accounts).

SMS/Text Message Notifications

Here’s a quick code recipe that will send a short email or sms message to the specified address(es) after Membership Checkout. Set your notification addresses on line 9. Set the level(s) you’d like to receive notification for on line 12, or completely remove lines 12 to 14 to receive notification for ALL Membership Checkouts.

Adding the Recipe to Your Website

You can add this recipe to your site by creating a custom plugin or using the Code Snippets plugin available for free in the WordPress repository. Read this companion article for step-by-step directions on either method.

Slack Integration Add On

Slack App Membership site notifications example

If you are already using Slack within in your team, this Slack integration for Paid Memberships Pro allows you to receive Membership Checkout notification in a specified Slack channel.

Slack is a messaging app for teams. You can use Slack in your browser or via a native app for iOS, Android], Mac], or Windows.

As a bonus, if you have notifications set up via the Slack app you wouldn’t need any of the other methods listed above.

Read more about the Slack Integration Add On here »

Set Up Notifications That Fit Your Needs

Overall, setting up notifications of new checkouts can help you run your membership business more efficiently and effectively by providing real-time visibility into important metrics like sales, inventory, and customer activity.

Plus it’s just really cool to see how much your effort is helping you get paid.

With a variety of ways to configure notifications, you can set up the exact flow that will help you support your members—whether that’s for onboarding needs or just to keep you motivated as a creator.

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