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We will be hosting a developer chat this Thursday, November 6th, at 2PM EST time. This chat is open to everyone.

The chat will be held in the #paidmembershipspro IRC channel on the Freenode servers, which is the same server that WordPress holds their IRC channels and dev chats. You can get information on how to connect to IRC from the WordPress Codex. The instructions are the same for connecting to the #paidmembershipspro channel, just change the channel name.

I will also post an embedded chat room to the blog here on the day of the chat.

This is your opportunity to get involved in the development of Paid Memberships Pro, our addons, and all of the cool stuff being done on the PMPro platform. The chat should run about 1 hour.

Here are some reasons to join the chat:

  • You want to have a say in the direction PMPro is developed in.
  • You would like referral work from us.
  • You would like contract work from us.
  • Or you just want to chat about Paid Memberships Pro.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Recap of recent core development and addons.
  • PMPro v1.7.15 and v1.8
  • MemberLite Theme v2.0
  • Or anything YOU want to talk about!

There are over 18000 people getting this invite. I know a lot of you are developers or generally interested in the development of PMPro. Even though this is short notice, I expect to see a lot of you in the chat room Tuesday. So see you then!

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