Third-party integrations for content can extend the capabilities of PMPro’s built-in member restrictions for your specific membership features. These plugins are not maintained by Paid Memberships Pro. Click here to view a list of Content Add Ons provided by Paid Memberships Pro.

Advanced Ads Pro

Manage ads on your membership site by targeting ads in relation to the membership level of your visitors. Refer to this tutorial for more details on the Paid Memberships Pro integration for Advanced Ads Pro.

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BadgeOS Paid Memberships Pro

BadgeOS turns your site into an achievement and badging system. The BadgeOS Integration with Paid Memberships Pro allows you to add gamification to your membership site to engage your members.

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BePro Listings – Paid Memberships Pro Integration

Integrate your Paid Memberships Pro site with BePro Listings to charge for creating listings. Configure listing features depending on membership level, sighing as number of listings, number of images or access to premium listing categories.

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BP Better Messages

BP Better Messages is a fully featured replacement for standard BuddyPress Messages. The plugin is fully backward compatible with BuddyPress Messages and includes integration with Paid Memberships Pro.

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BridgeDD integration for Paid Memberships Pro and phpBB

This plugin integrates Paid Memberships Pro with a phpBB-based forum. The integration was written by DionDesigns, the author of BridgeDD, a WordPress plugin that creates a stable, resource-light bridge between WordPress and phpBB3.0.

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E20R Sequences

Eighty/20 Results Sequence is a rewrite of the PMPro Series plugin that contains all of the same drip-feed capabilities for your member content that the PMPro Series plugin has, and a whole lot more.

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GamiPress – Paid Memberships Pro Integration

GamiPress gives users digital rewards for interacting with your WordPress website. You can add gamification to your Paid Memberships Pro memberships to engage your users and increase your sales. This plugin automatically connects GamiPress with Paid Memberships Pro adding new activity events.

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PeepSo Paid Memberships Pro Integration

PeepSo is a Social Networking Plugin for WordPress that adds a Private Community (similar to Facebook) on your WordPress site. The plugin integrates Paid Memberships Pro into PeepSo’s registration and navigation, giving users a seamless registration experience. On registration, members are offered a list of membership plans. The admin can also choose to display a link to the PMP membership page as a sub-menu of the profile top menu on the PeepSo toolbar.

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WP User Frontend Pro – Paid Memberships Pro Integration

This is an add-on for the WP User Frontend PRO plugin that allows you to integrate with Paid Memberships Pro to manage your site users subscriptions and membership features with additional payment gateways.

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