Multisite Membership Add On - Membership Across the Network

How it Works

This Add On allows you to sell memberships at the main site that provide access to members-only content on a site or sites throughout the entire multisite network.

This Add On requires WordPress Multisite and Paid Memberships Pro

View Codex Docs on Creating a Network

An Example: Network of Sites about Pet Care

Let’s say you have a network site about all types of pet care. You have a main site (, and a site on the network for various type of pets (,, and Using this Add On, you could offer a membership to one specific pet’s subsite (Bird Level OR Cat Level OR Dog Level). Then, you could also offer a Premium Level that includes access to all of your pet care subsites.

All of the membership levels and users are managed on the main network site. The subsites look to the main network site’s database to mirror the membership levels available and to check a user’s access.

Installation and Setup

  1. Install Paid Memberships Pro via Network Admin > Plugins > Add New. Do not “Network Activate” the plugin.
  2. On your main network site, activate and configure Paid Memberships Pro by following the Initial Plugin Setup guide.
  3. Upload the ‘pmpro-network-subsite’ directory to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress Multisite environment.
  4. For each site in your network that has member content, navigate to the site’s Dashboard > Plugins. Activate Paid Memberships Pro AND the Multisite Membership Add On.
  5. DO NOT activate the ‘pmpro-network-subsite’ plugin on the “Main” site (i.e. where people checkout) of your network.
  6. With the Add On active your respective subsites will have a menu located at:

You will now be able to create members-only content on subsites in the network. The membership levels of your main site are mirrored in each subsite.

Note for sites using this Add On in combination with the User Pages Add On: The User Pages for your members can only be created at the main network site. You cannot use the User Pages Add On to create a page in a subsite in the network.