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Is there a way to keep the membership confirmation page inside the modal too? Right now it’s somewhat of a fragmented experience where the user is redirected to a new page after checking out.

Hey, love the idea and it works nicely for one button per page. I’ve been trying to get it to work with two products on the same page (like a pricing table) but can’t figure out how to pass the button level to the PHP code recipe.

Since I offer 24 different classes on a fee based system, this would be a lot more attractive than the checkout page I have now with the entire list , with no real enhancements to the look of it. Help a lot if all three were in one downloadable add on. I am home grown web site developer, for our small business. No coding skills.

Hi – looks like a great feature, thanks for sharing!

Out of curiosity – could the above code be modified to process renewals?

Ex: Triggering upon click of the current “renew” link on a member’s profile (once their expiration date is approaching).


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