Mega Guide for Trial Memberships: Everything You Need to Know About Membership Trials

Are you looking for an effective way to acquire new customers? 

Here’s a great idea — trial memberships. 

HubSpot states free trials have a conversion rate of 25%. Free trials give customers a first-hand experience of your product and present you with a golden opportunity to convert them into paying customers. 

However, to use them to your advantage, you must learn the ins and outs of trial memberships. After all, you need to strategize your membership offerings carefully to achieve a good conversion rate. 

To help you achieve that, we’ll dive deep into the vast realm of membership trials, one step at a time. 

Mega Guide for Trial Memberships

How to Set up a Membership Site for Free Members Only

Looking to grow your membership website? If you already own and operate a premium membership website, you might be missing out on an entire additional pool of potential users: free members.

It may sound counterintuitive, but content for free members helps to create a customer acquisition model that converts, attracts, and retains more paying users in the long run.

Continue reading to learn how building a free membership site with Paid Memberships Pro can help you successfully grow your business.

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Remove Trial Periods for Existing Members

If you offer a membership that has a trial period, you may want to remove it for your existing members, whether you have trials set up on the membership level itself or using the Subscription Delays Add On.

This tutorial offers two code recipes to remove trial periods for existing members and reserve them exclusively for non-members.

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remove trial periods

New [haspaid] Shortcode: Show Content to Paying (or not paying) Members Only

Jason just coded up a new shortcode feature for a support customer and we wanted to share it—hooray open source! It’s a little tricky to explain, but once you wrap your brain around the features, you’ll begin to think of interesting ways to apply it to your membership site.

The shortcode is primarily useful for sites that offer free trials and want to show (or hide) content to users who are on the trial vs. those that are full paying members.