Add a Membership Map to Your WordPress Website.

For a few years, our customers have asked us for a membership map solution. Our users wanted to display a map with the location of their members on it. A feature like this can be useful for a vast amount of use cases so we decided to start working on it. I am pleased to announce that the wait is finally over. You can now add a membership map to your WordPress Website with our Paid Memberships Pro – Membership Maps Add On.


How to Build an Online Music Membership Business

Is it your dream to build a business around your passion for music and musical instruments? Matthew, from, accomplished this and much more. We will explore how he started his music membership business and how he used Paid Memberships Pro to do it.

Homepage How to play the sax with PMPro

Allow Users to Filter Results in your Member Directory

This code recipe demonstrates how to allow users to filter results shown by the Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On by adding a widget to the member directory’s sidebar. This feature allows users to search through your member directory more effectively while also improving their experience on your site.

Allow Users to Filter Results in your Member Directory

Create a Robust Directory and Individual Profiles for Your WordPress Membership Site

An important feature for many membership sites is the ability to display a dynamic directory of members and profile pages. Here is some information on how to add and customize these features using the Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On for Paid Memberships Pro.


Member Directory Add On Enhancements: New Formatting, Added Fields, NEW User Profiles

pmpro_member_directory-avatarsEnhance your membership site with a public or private, searchable directory and NEW member profiles. The add on includes two shortcodes, which can be customized with easy-to-define attributes.

Member Profiles have special handling for file-type fields (audio, video, image, document, YouTube, Vimeo). The shortcode will embed or display based on mime type.

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