This is a big update. We’ve added PayPal Express support to the plugin. PayPal Express requires a verified business account with PayPal but otherwise doesn’t require any monthly fees or SSL. This makes adding paid memberships to your site using PMPro cheaper and easier. I hope to get a full tutorial up in the next few days, but in the meantime it should be pretty easy to get through the settings yourself. Post something to the forums if you run into trouble.

We’ve also added support for international addresses at checkout. This isn’t enabled by default (because your Gateway may not be setup to accept it), but is easy to add and tweak through a few functions added to your theme’s function.php. Checkout this code “gist” for more information.

Also note that PayPal Express takes the address and billing information on the PayPal site and can be configured to support international billing.

This update also marks a bit of a change in direction for us. Development will continue on the plugin, but a little bit slower. We’ll definitely fix any bugs that come up and still entertain new feature requests (support for’s off-site checkout is up on that list). However, I’ll be spending more of my time fleshing out the documentation, adding videos, and adding other content for our PMPro members.

Another update I’ll squeeze in here is that we’ll be using a public GitHub repository to manage the codebase. For now, if you want a stable version it makes sense to get it from this site or the WordPress repository. If you want access to the bleeding edge (at your own risk) the GitHub repository will have code a version or so in advance. I’m also hoping hosting the code on GitHub will make it easier for other PHP/WP developers to contibute to the code. Feel free to fork and/or submit patches. Hit me up for help.


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Hi Jason,
I have integrated my website and PMPro with PayPal express. My problem is that paypal requires setting up an acc at checkout.
I’m loosing clients bcs of this. How can I fix this in a way that would make PayPal acc optional and the same would make paying with credit card quicker and easier.
I talked to PayPal people and they give me a piece of code that should fix this ” SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole” , problem is I don’t know where to use it (unfortunately I’m not a developer and all I know self learned) .
Can this be fixed from the hosting site in the PMPro files – I found the file that has the code I need change there , but still not sure if that is what I need to do.
Please help!!

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