One of the biggest requests we receive from our members and users alike is “I would like to use [insert payment gateway name]. Do you have an integration for it and if not can you develop it for me?”

Truth be told there are a loads of payment gateways out there. As much as we would like to have an integration for each and every gateway available, it is just not possible to do so. So, now what? You desperately want to use Paid Memberships Pro but your payment gateway is not supported.

The answer is to use our WooCommerce integration to sell memberships using a gateway they support.

Sell PMPro Memberships with WooCommerce

The “Woo-karound”

If the payment gateway that you would like to use has a WooCommerce Integration developed for it, you’re in luck. One possible solution could be to use WooCommerce, our WooCommerce Integration, and your payment gateway’s WooCommerce integration. This allows you to sell a PMPro Membership as a WooCommerce Product and let WooCommerce handle the checkout of your membership level using your payment gateway of choice.

In This Video You’ll Learn

  • How to set up the WooCommerce Integration for Paid Memberships Pro
  • ​How to sell PMPro Membership Levels as WooCommerce Products
  • How to use a WooCommerce payment gateway for membership purchases. The payment gateway does not need to be supported by PMPro to do this.

Additional Settings Needed

In addition to this video, there are two settings that you will need to configure. The settings that you need to configure reside in WooCommerce itself.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy in the WordPress admin.

  1. Deselect: “Guest Checkout – Allow customers to place orders without an account option.”
  2. Select: “Account Creation – Allow customers to create an account during checkout.”

These options will allow non-members to purchase a membership product and create an account right from the moment a successful checkout is processed.

Getting Setup

Below is a brief guide on how to set this up:

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce on your site. The primary WooCommerce plugin is free via the WordPress repository.
  2. Set up your chosen payment gateway in your WooCommerce Setup. You may need to purchase a premium gateway extension from WooCommerce.
  3. Install and activate our WooCommerce Integration on your site. This PMPro WooCommerce Add On is free via the WordPress repository.
  4. Set up your membership levels to be sold as Products. Have a look at the “Membership Products” section of the Add On page for more details.
  5. Let WooCommerce handle the checkout process instead of Paid Memberships Pro.
Edit a WooCommerce product and set the Membership Product

Note: Using the WooCommerce Integration to sell memberships as products only requires adding Membership levels with their name and (if desired) category restrictions. None of the level pricing, page setup, or payment settings are needed. If you want to handle recurring payments using this method, you will need to use WooCommerce Subscriptions along with this integration.

This won’t work for me. Now what?

Perhaps, this workaround is not going to work for you. If that is the case maybe some of these alternatives might do the trick!

  1. Adding a New Gateway documentation (Warning: Not for the faint of heart!) – It is recommended that you are an experienced code wrangler if you decide to take this project on.
  2. Find a Developer to help. We have some experienced WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro Partner developers that you can get in touch with that will happily give you an estimate on integrating your Payment Gateway for you.