One of the biggest requests we receive from our members and users alike is “I would like to use [insert payment gateway name]. Do you have an integration for it and if not can you develop it for me?”

Truth be told there are a myriad of payment gateways out there, and as much as we would like to have an integration for each and every gateway available, it is just not possible to do so (yet). So, now what? You desperately want to use Paid Memberships Pro but your payment gateway is not supported. You’re stuck.

Or are you?

The “Woo-karound”

If the payment gateway that you would like to use has a WooCommerce Integration developed for it, you’re in luck. One possible solution could be to use WooCommerce, our WooCommerce Integration and your payment gateway’s WooCommerce integration. This allows you to sell a PMPro Membership as a WooCommerce Product and let WooCommerce handle the checkout of your membership level using your payment gateway of choice.

Video Demo

Additional Settings Needed

In addition to this video, there are two settings that you will need to configure. The settings that you need to configure reside in WooCommerce itself.

Head over to your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy

  1. Deselect – Guest Checkout – Allow customers to place orders without an account option.
  2. Select – Account Creation – Allow customers to create an account during checkout.

These options will allow non-members to purchase a membership product and create an account right from the moment a successful checkout is processed.

Getting Setup

Below is a brief guide on how to set this up:

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce on your site. The primary WooCommerce plugin is free via the WordPress repository.
  2. Set up your chosen payment gateway in your WooCommerce Setup. You may need to purchase a premium gateway extension from WooCommerce.
  3. Install and activate our WooCommerce Integration on your site. This PMPro WooCommerce Add On is free via the WordPress repository.
  4. Set up your membership levels to be sold as Products. Have a look at the “Membership Products” section of the Add On page for more details.
  5. Let WooCommerce handle the checkout process instead of Paid Memberships Pro.

Note: Using the WooCommerce Integration to sell memberships as products only requires adding Membership levels with their name and (if desired) category restrictions. None of the level pricing, page setup, or payment settings are needed. If you want to handle recurring payments using this method, you will need to use WooCommerce Subscriptions along with this integration.

This won’t work for me. Now what?

Perhaps, this workaround is not going to work for you. If that is the case maybe some of these alternatives might do the trick!

  1. Adding a New Gateway documentation (Warning: Not for the faint of heart!) – It is recommended that you are an experienced code wrangler if you decide to take this project on.
  2. Find a Developer to help. We have some experienced WordPress/Paid Memberships Pro Partner developers that you can get in touch with that will happily give you an estimate on integrating your Payment Gateway for you. Simply open up a developer request and one of our developer partners will get in touch with you.

Comments (90)

I have this setup on my site. Users can purchase a membership with recurring payments with ccbill as my payment processor. Everything works fine when purchasing a membership, but when a member tries to cancel via the site it does not cancel the subscription with ccbill…and when they cancel via ccbill, it does not cancel their membership on my website. I’ve been having to manually cancel whenever I get a notification from either my website or ccbill. Can you please help me?

Hello, this sounds related to an IPN issue with that gateway. As we don’t support the CCBill gateway yet, we are a bit limited to assist you with this. In the meantime, as a Plus member, you can open a ticket in our Member Support Area for further guidance, and also reach out to WooCommerce if they might have some further guidance for you.

i operate a wordpress website with over 500 members using PMP, but i recently had to switch payment gateways (to verotel flexpay), so I integrated with woocommerce and woocommerce subscriptions using the verotel plug in, and everything is set up properly, however, PMP and woocommerce are not communicating properly. I am getting a postback error to the subscribers side (and no notifications on my side) saying “technical difficulties” – any word on how i can fix this?

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us! Does the issue persist when PMPro WooCommerce integration is deactivated? It also sounds like a 500 error and you can enable debugging to troubleshoot further ( You can then reach out to for more guidance. For faster hands-on guidance and help, you can also reach out to our technical support team in the Member Support Area which is available to Plus Members.

I have been using paid membership pro (free version) for about a year, and i have just integrated woocommerce and woocommerce subscriptions, but i am having an issue where when somebody checks out or creates an order, that person is recieving an email saying “payment refunded because we were unable to notify the website of the successful transaction” – the user was created on my website but i did not recieve an email about it, and membership was not granted to that new user. Any ideas how to fix this?

If this is an error through the WooCommerce checkout experience it would best to reach out to their team and developers to figure out the issue. It sounds like something related to your gateway setup in WC.

nice post. i have just one question pls. if i use the woo commerce payment for checkout. will i still be able to restrict pages to users based on their membership level?

Hey, I did exactly as directed by the video and documentation. However when I go to the ‘levels’ page then I select a membership, it redirects me to the pmpro checkout instead of woocommerce product page. How do I navigate through this?

You may have to create your own levels page with the links to the Products or create redirects for these levels to go to your Woocommerce product.


I was able to use this to sell memberships on my site successfully with my payment processor ccbill. However, when a member cancels their subscription/membership on my website, the data does not seem to transfer over to ccbill and it does not cancel their subscription on that end. I have to manually cancel their membership on ccbill every time someone cancels. CCBill told me I need to configure the API on my end but I am not sure how to do that. Can you help? It’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Our CCBill gateway is not ready for public release, although we know some sites are using this gateway. We have a team member actively working through some development issues although a release date is not yet available.

I want to create a subscription website with various payment gateways from woocommerce and I want my customers to pay monthly for their subscriptions, without me having to add a woocommerce add-on subscription, can that be done with PMPro and woocommerce integration

You do not need WooCommerce to have paid levels if you use the PMPro checkout process. If you require a gateway offered by WooCommerce and the level is recurring, their Subscriptions Add On is required.

Hi there!

If I use PMP-WOOCo addon, that means I can not use the page that PMP have built inside if I just want my customers to go through WooCommerce payment gateway,is it right?


If you intend to fully use WooCommerce for membership checkout, all of the level pricing details would be set up via the product in WooCommerce. If you are using WooCommerce as the “product” for membership, none of the settings in Paid Memberships Pro’s Memberships > Settings > Levels in the admin are used. You will need the WooCommerce “Subscriptions” Plugin to charge recurring payments.

You will also not need to set up any of the “pages” within the Paid Memberships Pro “Page Settings” in the admin. Your “levels page” is really just your product page for that category of products. Members will use the WooCommerce “My Account” area to manage their orders and subscription.

I am looking to use PMPro for recurring subscriptions to content on my site, but the site will also have physical and downloadable products available through WooCommerce.

I don’t need a special payment gateway—Stripe and PayPal are just fine—and I want to use the built-in functionality of PMPro to handle Subscriptions. But I’d also like to take advantage of the Member Level discounts of the WooCommerce integration plugin.

I just wanted to make sure that turning on the Integration plugin won’t stop me from using PMPro’s built in gateways to handle the Subscriptions, which are separate from the Store. I just wouldn’t create Subscription Products in WooCommerce, correct? But I could still apply the discounts to other products.

Thank you for your time.

Hi there,

Yes, that’s right. You can still use PMPro to handle your recurring membership/subscription payments and offer discounts to WooCommerce products using the PMPro/WooCommerce Integration. This should not conflict as the PMPro subscription will be processed via the PMPro checkout page and WooCommerce discounted products would be processed via the WooCommerce Checkout page.

I have membership products set up to go through Woocommerce for payment. At this time I am not using the Woocommerce Subscriptions add on. Will PMP still send emails when a membership is about to expire (to allow them to manually renew)? How do I check the PMP settings for this? I have gone through the documentation but can’t seem to find it. Does PMP only send emails if payment is made through PMP instead of Woo?

If the user has an expiration on their membership account according to PMPro they should receive an expiration email. I would suggest testing this for your site by setting your admin account to have an expiration of 1 day and see if the email comes through. You can also log emails that are being sent using a plugin like

If you would not like the PMPro email to send, you can disable it using the methods in this article:

I am interested in working with PaidMembershipPro mainly for one very specific feature – the “User Pages” addon ( – specific content page for every user (e.g. – I will have only one subscription level for all users, and using the addon I’ll be able to provide specific content).

However, as mentioned in the post, I need to enable a Payment Gateway not supported directly by PaidMembershipPro (e.g. accept credit cards in my country, in this case).

Will the integration solution presented in this post work seamlessly in this case? Will I be able to sell a “subscription” as a product, and then enable the “User Pages” feature for that subscription level?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I want that when selecting one of the membership options the person can pay for it through woocommerce, I installed Paid Memberships Pro – WooCommerce Add On, I created the product with the name of each one of the membership and activated them with each one but when I wanted buying doesn’t add anything to my cart, what step am I doing wrong?

I’m very confused by reading these comments. I was under the impression that PMP did/can do the same thing that WooSubscriptions does.
Why would I need to pay for WooSubscriptions?

I am having the issue currently of trying to enable customers to sign up for membership while on my WooCommerce site. Not sure how the checkout process will work, since my store uses a different card processor than my membership needs to (recurring billing).

Hey J Garrison,

So with this method, you can sell memberships as WooCommerce Products and replace the PMPro Checkout Page with WooCommerce to allow you to use your own Payment Gateway of choose (assuming we do not already support that gateway). In the event that you want to offer recurring billing for your WooCommerce Membership Level Product, you will need to use the WooCommerce Subscriptions Add On as WooCommerce does not, by default, allow you to sell a product on a recurring or “subscription” basis.

Hi Travis,
I’m confused a bit too.
So can I use the woo with PMPro if I created non recurring subscriptions only?

That is correct, you can not sell recurring subscriptions with this method. WooCommerce has its own plugin for subscription payments.

Great article! I’ve just gone through the entire process and have one question. Do I need to change the checkout page in PMP to the WC checkout page?

The reason I ask is because I’m trying to get Apple Pay and Google Pay to work with my Stripe Integration, but I’m not seeing those options show up on the checkout page.

Has anyone else gotten Apple/Google Pay to work with Stripe, WooCommerce, and PMP?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your comment, yes, if you are using the WooCommerce Integration to sell Memberships as WooCommerce Products you can bypass the PMPro Checkout page altogether and perform checkouts using your WooCommerce checkout page.

This is exactly what I was wondering about: If I sell a membership level as a WooCommerce Product what happens to PMPro Checkout Page? You say I can “bypass” it but how can I do this? How can I “bypass” PMPro Checkout Page?

You would want to design your site structure so the levels page would either redirect to a WooCommerce product or product category. You can also replace the pmpro_levels shortcode on the Membership Levels page with a WooCommerce product or product category via the WooCommerce shortcodes.

Such a great Plugin but certainly looking difficult to use for some of us webmasters in Ghana for instance

No Paypal, No Paystack, No Mobile Money, Nothing
People, a lot of people here definitely hate using Credit cards or Visa in making payments out of fear of being scammed.

On your next update, kindly work on WooCommerce integration for it to work and sync with all the payment gateways that WooCommerce provides

Thank you

HI Jason, I’m using woocommerce subscriptions to sell paid memberships. However, when a user cancels their subscription payment on woo commerce’s account page it doesn’t cancel their membership. Could you advise?

If you haven’t yet, open a ticket so we can get more details to help you further. It should synchronize with WC Subs in this way. Maybe sure all of the plugins are up to date.

Hi there,

I’ve recently integrated Woocommerce and PMPro together, I did a test payment last night and payment went through but now (as the customer) I can’t access my memberships online course that I purchased.

I have followed the above steps, created PMPro membership products via Woocommerce, made it virtual, PayPal was successful, went back to site, and I can’t access my course?

Am I missing something? If it helps I have also purchased the Learnpress PMpro add on too. Would this plugin be clashing?


Hi @WmDesign,

It is possible that the two plugins are clashing but it is difficult to know for sure without having a closer look. After a WooCommerce PMPro Membership Product is purchased did a membership level get correctly assigned to you? You can check this under your WP User profile under Membership Level > Current Level.

I am assuming you are managing your courses through LearnDash then?

Hi Travis,

Thank you for your quick reply. I investigated further and the only viable solution was manually enrolling myself after payment.

Im using Learnpress along with its add-on Woocommerce and PM Pro integration.

The auto-enrol has been selected in Learnpress settings, so this wouldn’t be the issue.

The other option Im looking into is for them to purchase directly through PM Pro instead but when I hit the checkout page the PayPal button isn’t functional. It is on my page but it isn’t responding. I have added all the correct information via PM Pro payment settings – have chosen PayPal Standard and PayPal Express and neither is working.

Do I need to purchase the PayPal express add on for this to work? Im out of options.

Hi Travis,

I sorted the bug out with the PayPal button on my Membership Checkout page but after going back on to my site and working on it today. It has disabled again?

All PayPal Settings are inputted, API’s & Signature, Sandbox mode off (on Live) and I’ve selected PayPal Express.

I don’t understand how it was working yesterday and now its not??

Hi !

First of all congratulation for this great plugin package that works just fine.

Now I have a question. I use Learnpress/paidmebership pro/woocommerce integration.

Goal : using Woocommerce as checkout.

On a course page, i have though “buy this course” or the “buy membership”, to integrate this course in a bundle. All ok.

BUT : the “buy membership” does NOT redirect to Woocommerce Checkout, but only in set up gateway of paymembership.

On the contrary, buying a membership via woocommerce directly is ok but that’s not the goal !

What did I missed ?

Thanks for advice ! 🙂

It may be possible but I have not tested using the WooCommerce membership product to buy a PMPro level that applies course access. After you’ve set up your membership product in WooCommerce test checkout for that level through WC and see if the course is applied. You do not use the Membership Levels page for your “Buy Now”, rather the Woocommerce product shop area.

You may need to look for a method to apply course access as part of product purchase.

Hi Travis.
That makes sense, thank you.
I am almost ready to activate all the plugins, including Woocommerce Subscriptions.
In Woocommerce, I need to provide the Paypal identity token, whereas that was not needed when I set up PMPRo, and this brings me to my question.
If Paypal needs set up again in Woocommerce, when I make the transition, will the existing subscribers that registered via PmPro
know about this change? As in will they have to register/ set up payment details again?
The client wants to know this as any disruption to the existing customers would mean a huge hassle to get them back, and also a risk to the income of the business.

Thank you,

Hi Marian,

The current members should not experience any interruption with their current PayPal payment subscription and should only need to provide new billing details when/if their membership expires and you want them to process payment through the WooCommerce Payment gateway. If you want, you can get in touch with our Support Engineers over in our Member Support Area so that we can take a closer look at this for you.


But so I can’t use the pricing plans layout? Should I sell plans with a product page look? Or this addon allow the /membership-levels/ page be integrated to WooCommerce?

Hi there,

The PMPro Levels page is not automatically integrated with the Woocommerce integration. You will need to redirect users through the WooCommerce Checkout process. It is possible to create your own Membership Levels Page and link to the WooCommerce checkout.

Hope this helps!


I have a website owner which wants to integrate WorldPay as a payment gateway into his site that has 200+ subscribers, via PMP.
Will I need anything else besides the woocommerce integration plugins+ woocommerce subscriptions plugin + obviously PMP ?

And the membership levels that have ALREADY been created trough PMP, are going to go on just as normal or there are extra steps that need to be taken ?


Hi Marian,

Sounds like you have the gist of what you need. Remember that the current PMPro Level can stay as it is but you need to make sure that you direct members (or potential members) through the WooCommerce Checkout and not the PMPro Checkout when using this method.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply.
When you say “direct members ( or potential members) through the Woocommerce Checkout, you mean the old members, that were using PMPPro Checkout?
If yes, could you point me to a walkthrough of doing this please?
Or is it just the new members that start AFTER I enable the WooCommerce checkout?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @mariantoma,

I mean any future members. So if using this method, you will need to make sure that anyone wanting to sign up for your membership does not do so via the PMPro checkout but rather the WooCommerce checkout. Any existing members should continue as normal regardless of how they signed up.

Hope this makes sense?


I am having few issues and need clarification.

1. I want the payment to be made through woocommerce and i have insalled all necessary plugins, including woocommerce subscription. However, after test payment, i noticed that PMPro membership page already recorded the payment from woocommerce, but when i clicked on “View all Membership Options” on the page, it redirected me back to PMPro membership levels page. This hinders the progress as subscribers cannot upgrade to another level using woocommerce payment. Is there any way i can get this done.

2. Is there a way i can have the membership level pricing displayed using woocommerce payment just like you have it on your site?

I initially designed the page using PMPro, but when it comes to handling the payment with woocommerce from that page I get stuck. It always redirects to PMPro payment page.


Set the PMPro account page to the WooCommerce account page and the PMPro levels page to the WooCommerce shopping page or level etc.

Use custom code to hide the PMPro pages.

We use this PMPro add on for our pricing page with some custom CSS:

But you’ll want to find a pricing table plugin for WooCommerce if you are using that for checkout.

If you aren’t using many PMPro functions, consider the WooCommerce options for restricting content and memberships.

Hi, wanted to use pmpro-buddypress with a custom payment gateway.
Now I want to know if by using woocommerce to sell membership as you are explaining it will be possible ?

Hi there,

If your payment gateway has a WooCommerce extension then this should be possible. You will basically create a Membership Product inside of your WooCommerce Products and then prompt users to checkout of the WooCommerce checkout page using your gateway of choice.

Once purchased your user will now be a member. Keep in mind that if you want recurring subscriptions, you will need to purchase WooCommerce subscriptions too.

I just added membership pro and the Woocommerce add on, so the payments can be maked in woocommerce checkout, but when the customer want to buy a membership, the paged says “You have to provide a payments Gateway before payments can be handled. What are we doing wrong?

Hi @wecoveryou,

It sounds like you still need to set up a Payment Gateway in your WooCommerce store. Since you will be using WooCommerce to sell a (membership level) product, you will need to set up a payment gateway for your WooCommerce storefront.

I intend building a website where drivers will register and pay for subscription monthly, quarterly , semi-annually or annually. The subscribed users will then be displayed showing image of their car and contact info. Can i achieve this using Paid Memberships Pro and woo commerce?


We want to sell membership levels to our students to grant them access to some LearnDash content and to allow them to upgrade level at any time.
We currently have 4 membership levels : Basic, Extended, VIP, MIP.
We need to use WooCommerce to allow WeChat Pay as a payment method (China).

Each membership level has an associated variable subscription in WooCommerce (Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin) including 4 variations of billing period (1,3,6 and 12 months). With this configuration our student can’t upgrade membership level.

Subscriptions switching is only allowed between grouped simple subscriptions, or between variations of only one variable subscription :
Simple subscriptions don’t allow a choice of billing period.
Variable subscriptions don’t allow a choice of membership level in PMP for each variation.

Any advice or idea to help us achieve our goal would be greatly appreciated
Thanks a lot !

Hi there!

I have purchased a WP theme where your plugin is included and I really like your product.

I have read the instructions you’ve listed and all the comments here but I could not find the appropriate plugin “Woo Subscribtions”.

Maybe I have mistunderstood something. Pls, can you provide a link for Subscribtion plugin or the complete title of that plagin?

Thanx a lot!

Hi @serhii,

Sorry about that! Here is the link to the Woocommerce Subscriptions Plugin, this is a Woocommerce plugin so that is probably why you had a tough time finding it. I have gone and linked it up in the blog post too.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

I’m using the PMPro Woocommerce integration. I would like to set it up that the initial charge is 100.00 but after that they will be charged $75.00 per billing cycle. How do I do this?

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to us, as mentioned in the blog post, in order to have a recurring subscription model when using the WooCommerce Integration method, you will need to use Woo Subscriptions along with this solution.

Hope this helps!

We’re looking to use the recurring payment feature for our monthly payment plan. The payment plan is 4 months. And after they pay for 4 months, the billing stops, but they still have access to material (=Learndash courses).

If we’re connecting PMPro membership to a Woocommerce simple subscription, where should the expiration of billing (but not access to material, they should have lifetime access) be noted? Specifically what is the difference between these two:

Currently we put “Expires in 4 months” on the Woocommerce end. And the connected PMPro level does NOT have an expiration. Is this correct?

Because we’re having issues with students losing access to material after the 4 months period ends. Help? Thanks!

The PMPro WooCommerce integration is linked up so when the “subscription ends” in WCSubs, PMPro will remove membership.

Here is where we hook this up:

I am not sure what status the sub is going to when it reaches it limit in WCSubs… maybe it counts as expired. But these are the hooks you would unhook to keep PMPro from cancelling membership when subs are cancelled. Of course, in this case you may need to do something to handle cases where subscriptions are cancelled early.


I am using PMPro and WooCommerce. I have created products in Woo and tied them to membership levels in PMPro. After checkout – there is a Woo order created but no order is created in PMPro. The user is added to the Member List. Any thoughts on why the PMPro order is not being created? Thanks!

Hi, we use the ‘Wookaround’, which works fine for new users to become members and pay for their membership with the gateway we need to use.But , we run into some problems: how can we correctly set up the Pmpro subscription pages so that members can change, renew and cancel their memberships without being linked to pages that can only be used in combination with the built-in payment gateways? Some of these pages will have to be the Woocommerce pages I assume, but we haven’t found the correct set up yet.

Thanks for your help!

Hello Travis,

We tried using the PMPro Account page for members to manage their membership, but we ran into some issues. I’ll try to explain:

1. The links to Renew or Change the current membership bring the users to membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=2 and membership-account/membership-levels/

2. On those pages, the options to renew or change are linked to PMPro checkout pages that are NOT linked to Woocommerce checkout pages. Instead a pmpro page appears that says ‘you need to configure a Payment Gateway’. But on the page where a payment gateway can be selected, we have none selected because we use Woocommerce.

We haven’t found a setup of the pages yet that really works. Can you advise us?


Hi @eigenwijshed,

Apologies for seemingly misunderstanding your initial comment.

This is default PMPro behavior, do you have more WooCommerce Membership “Products” that you are selling? If so, you could try changing the links of these buttons to direct to your membership products page, instead of the PMPro Levels page.

By doing so, the member should be able to manage their account by purchasing a new WooCommerce Membership Product, once redirected to the page. Will this help? If you need some help with this, feel free to get in touch with us over on our Member Support Forums so one of our Support Engineers can help you with this.

If I don’t have any customers yet and will be opening up a system with PMP + WooCommerce from the beginning with WooCommerce as the primary checkout but PMP for bulk/group subscriptions, do you think I will face any problems?

Hi Devruna,

In theory “no” you shouldn’t have any issues, but it is also very difficult, if not impossible to guarantee that no issues would be had. The good thing is that you both the WooCommerce Integration Add On as well as PMPro are both free to use, so you can try it out for free to see if this will work for you. One thing to remember when using the WooCommerce Integration is that, if you plan on having recurring subscriptions you will need to have the WooCommerce Subscriptions also installed. Good luck!

So I already have been using PMPro normally for 3 years… however if I switch this over to WooCommerce as my checkout (because I want to be able to use it with a POS system at conferences for quick membership checkout) will that work? Also, when it comes to a member trying to cancel, will that be different? My concern is someone who signed up the original way vs. the woo commerce way might have different cancellation processes?

Let me ask you this… if they cancel in WooCommerce, will it automatically cancel their access on PMPro?

But will this integration handle the monthly charge? Or is it a one time charge and you have to keep billing them. What I am trying to do is… I have a client who uses Elavon for payment processing. They have a WooCommerce store for tshirts and autographs. However, I want to add a membership section and have WooCommerce and Elavon process the payment, processing the monthly subscription fee. Will this solution do that? Or is there a plugin or addon I can use to make that happen?

Hey @designcrawl,

Thank you for reaching out! You will need to use WooCommerce Subscriptions in order to handle recurring payments with the WooCommerce integrations Add On.

I will update the blog to include this.

Hi Jason and everybody,

I have used woocommerce-Paid membership pro integration and followed all the steps to integrate as mentioned in the documents.
I have created 3 levels. When i click any level it takes me to checkout with pmpro and not woocommerce.
I am expecting to checkout with woocommerce and using the gateways already mentioned in the woocommerce settings.
I did not find any proper solution in the documentation or the forum.
I found a little complex solution in the link below to change the function.php file of the child theme which is complex and risky and totally an improper solution.

How can I disable pmpro checkout and enable woocommerce checkout in a simple manner.
What I am expecting is after any level is clicked it should take to that level and from that to the products in that level and then the user can click the product and get the woocommerce checkout.

If you can tell me a simple solution to above would be highly appreciable or an alternative solution to get the woocommerce checkout after showing the levels.

Please reply asap.

If you intend to fully use WooCommerce for membership checkout, all of the level pricing details would be set up via the product in WooCommerce. If you are using WooCommerce as the “product” for membership, none of the settings in Paid Memberships Pro’s Memberships > Settings > Levels in the admin are used. You will need the WooCommerce “Subscriptions” Plugin to charge recurring payments.

You will also not need to set up any of the “pages” within the Paid Memberships Pro “Page Settings” in the admin. Your “levels page” is really just your product page for that category of products. Members will use the WooCommerce “My Account” area to manage their orders and subscription. The membership levels page for PMPro should not be used.

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