Our Zapier Integration Add On allows you to receive data from 1,000s of integrated apps into your Membership site. This means that external applications can send updates to your Paid Memberships Pro member data, including adding or updating members, adding or updating orders, and validating a member’s level.

Here’s a video and step-by-step instructions for adding a new member when a row is added to a Google Sheet. You can read the full Zapier Integration documentation for help with other available actions.

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Setting Up Your Google Sheet

If you are starting from a new spreadsheet, here’s a template you can use to set up the proper columns to match the parameters available via the add_member Action. For existing spreadsheets, note that your data will need to match the following available parameters:

  • user_email (required)
  • level_id (required)
  • user_login
  • full_name
  • first_name
  • last_name

Setting Up The Zap to Receive Data

  1. Log in to your Zapier Account or create a new account with Zapier.
  2. Select MAKE A ZAP which can be found near the top of the screen.
  3. Select “Google Sheets” under “Choose a Trigger App”
  4. Select the “New Spreadsheet Row” trigger.
  5. Follow the steps to authenticate your Google Sheets Account with Zapier. You should authenticate the Google Sheets Account that is the owner of the Spreadsheet that holds your member data.
  6. Once authenticated, select the Spreadsheet you will be populating with member data and the specific “Worksheet” that contains this data. (This is usually Sheet1 unless otherwise named in your spreadsheet.)
  7. You can test the connection, if desired, by modifying the Spreadsheet directly in your Google Sheet then return to Zapier and click “Get More Samples”. This should update with the new data added to your sheet, thereby confirming the connection is working.
  8. Next you must add an “Action App” to your Zap.
  9. Select “Webhooks”. This is listed as a “Built-In App” or can be located by the search field.
  10. Select “GET: Fire off a single GET request with optional querystrings.” on the “Select Webhooks by Zapier Action” step.
  11. Locate your Webhook URL under Memberships > PMPro Zapier > Receive Data from Zapier (Actions).Admin Settings for Receiving Data via Zapier Integration for Paid Memberships Pro
  12. Copy and paste the Webhook URL into the “URL” field in Zapier.Zapier Action: Setup Webhooks
  13. In the “Query String Params” section, add a parameter with the name action and the value add_member. Other available Actions for this integration are listed separately in this documentation.
  14. Continue to add additional query string parameters for the data you would like the spreadsheet to send to your membership site. Available parameters for the action must correspond to a column of data in your spreadsheet. The following parameters can be passed into the add_member action:
    • user_email (required)
    • level_id (required)
    • user_login
    • full_name
    • first_name
    • last_name

    Zapier Action: Add Querystring Parameters

  15. In the “Additional Action Settings” section, you should set “Unflatten” to “No”.
    Zapier Action: Set Additional Action Settings
  16. The next step will test your Zap. Click “Send Test To Webhooks by Zapier”. Note that the add_member action will only work if there is no existing User in the WordPress site with that matching email address.Zapier Action: Test Webhooks
  17. If successful, a member will be created in the membership site. This Action can add a membership level to an existing member OR simultaneously create the user record with the membership level.

If you have ideas for other Zapier demos you’d like us to document, please let us know in the comments below. Again, the the full Zapier Integration documentation for page provides more information on other available actions.

Comments (6)

for the process,
but how to set a “end_date” for the created user like a expiration date ? Is that possible ?

Hi Fred, it looks like there isn’t a place to add an expiration date. Sounds like our team is aware of some more developer work to do here. As a Plus member, you can also reach out to our technical team, in the Members Support Area, to get some further feedback on this.


Good process, i tryed it, st’s very simple.

But how to set a password for the created user or how to use a default password.
Because after creation, the created user can not connect


Hi Nabil,

So what should happen is the new member should get an email mentioning that there was a new account created for them If not, ask the member to use the “Forgotten Password” feature that should be found on your login page.

From what I can tested and what I have read ( I want to use Thrivecart and read the zapier/TC article), users that are created via Zapier do not get a welcome email with their login credentials. Is this something that you could work to resolve? It doesn’t seem like we should have to set up another zap and an email automation to have them get their login credentials since PMP sends that email automatically to new members created via PMP.

Hey @danm,

Would you mind trying to check in with our technical support team? They might be able to help, I’d suggest mentioning Andrew the topic you open to Andrew. He was the developer on the Add On. He should be able to help. Let me know if he can.

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