Jason just drafted up some nice code that allows a member to purchase an extension on their expiring plan. If the user has an active plan with expiration date, you can allow them to extend the plan by checking out for the extension level (set up additional levels with a 30 or 60 day expiration – or both!). When a user checks out for the 30 or 60 day extension, it will add those days to their current plan.

Here’s the code gist:

Paid Memberships Pro already has built in membership extensions if a user checks out for the same level they currently have in advance of expiration. This means that if I am on an annual plan on your site that expires in 14 days, I can check out for the same plan and extend my membership one year and 14 days from now. No custom code is required for this to work as is.

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So once you upload and activate the customization:
1) Where do we set the membership extension (15 days) and it’s price? Where do we place this (short)code it so it’s not available for non-members when they are perusing the memberships/levels page? Otherwise a non-member would just get the 15 day membership instead of the 3 months.
2) And where does the “member” who has a 3 month membership go to extend their membership by say “15 days”?

And how is this customization different than the so-called “built in membership extension” if a user checks out for the same level?

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