We’ve blogged previously about using the Variable Pricing Add On for donation-type memberships. The new Paid Memberships Pro Donation Add On is now available – with advanced options and better naming for sites that want to allow Members to set an additional donation amount at checkout instead of changing the normal price.

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  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-donations ‘ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Edit the levels you want to add donations to and set the “Donation” settings.

When a user checks out for the level on your site, they will have the option to “Make a Gift” when checking out. The price they enter will be added the initial payment (amount collected at checkout). The add on does not adjust any recurring, trial, billing cycle, or expiration settings (although this can be done easily enough with some custom code — hit us up in the member forums).




Yes! That’s another thing that this plugin does over the variable pricing one. An extra “bullet” is added to the invoices and confirmation emails itemizing the donation amount. A PMPro member had a need for this and contracted us to build this. I’ll see if they don’t mind us mentioning them in this blog post.

We just recently added donations, however, our first one just came through and although the “total billed” was correct on the invoice, there was no “bullet” on the invoice that indicated a donation was made for the upcharge. I looked at the detailed invoice under memberships>orders, and in the “notes” section it said “donation:25”. The amount did not show in the confirmation email. I have the email templates add on and do not see the variable reference to add donation to customize the invoice. Help.

Hello, I’m looking for support on the donations Add On- Website captainsforcleanwater.org.

The add on plug in was uploaded, activated and set up but it does not display on the check out page.

Please help.

it sounds like you have something like the donations add-on for additional regularly occurring subscription to the base pricing. I want to use the donations area for the charity we want to support. but I also what to have ala cart membership plans.

If you choose “other” you are not setting a maximum donation limit.

The text on the webpage reads donation minimum amount to maximum amount.

If you don’t set a maximum amount there is still a $ symbol on the webpage.
I wrote “choose the amount to donate” in the maximum line.
However, the $ symbol was in front of the text and looked odd.

An option may be to remove $ and have individuals write in.

Wonderful add on! I uploaded the ‘pmpro-donations ‘ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ and activated the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

However, in the menu panel, I don’t see where I can edit the levels as shown in your example. Can you please direct me to the menu location to make modifications?

With PMPro also activated, you should see Memberships –> Membership Levels in the left side menu. Go there, then click edit on a level and scroll down to the Donation section.


When a user enters an initial donation, the amount will carry over to PayPal Express. However, when returning to the confirmation page at the website, the donation box and text appears again and is not populated with the donation amount. If the donation amount is left blank, PayPal will not charge the donation amount. However, the amount is recorded and reflected on the PMPRO order and checkout emails.

Is there any way to skip the additional donation box on the confirmation page, or at least to change the text to read something like “Please confirm your donation amount?”


PMPRO ver.
Donation Plugin ver. .2
Wordpress ver. 4.2.3

We’ve fixed similar things in other plugins (making things not editable/etc on the confirmation page). If you post to the member forums, we can follow up to get this fixed with you.

I think there is a bug in your plugin. I added Donations at Checkout and set Min Amount to $1, expecting that would simply prevent people from making donations of a few cents.
Instead, it automatically adds $1 to every order even if donation is unchecked. Now we’re having to refund a dollar to everyone who signed up.

Follow-up to earlier post: A member complained she had clicked on the drop-down list of donation amounts, but opted not to donate. PMPro added the amount that was visible, in this case $5 even though the donate box was not checked.

Is there a shortcode for the donation amount, i.e. !!donation!!, which I can use in the email templates? There should be!

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