Update a Member’s Existing Subscription

Payment subscriptions in Stripe can be edited directly from the Stripe Dashboard, giving administrators the ability to change a subscription’s billing amount or next payment date without having to make any changes in Paid Memberships Pro whatsoever.

Screenshot editing payment subscriptions directly from the Stripe Dashboard
  1. You will first need to find the PMPro order generated from the subscription that you would like to update and copy the Subscription Transaction ID for the order, which will start with “sub_”
  2. Log into your Stripe Dashboard, or click the “Edit Customer in Stripe” link from the WordPress Edit User Profile page.
  3. In the search bar, paste the Subscription Transaction ID that you copied earlier and select the subscription, or select the customers subscription you want to edit.
  4. On this page, you will be able to see information about the chosen subscription such as the billing amount, next payment date, and previous payments that have already been made.
  5. Regardless of whether you are trying to change the billing amount or the next payment date for the subscription, you can begin editing the subscription by selecting Actions > Update subscription.
  6. Click “Add product”
  7. In the new “Pricing” table row, select a price to begin charging the user, or if the pricing does not exist, click on add new product and input the details, this could be the same as your level on PMPro or not.
  8. Next, Select “Remove product” from the options dropdown next to the product that was originally associated with the subscription.
  9. To change the next payment date, click “Add trial”, or if there is already a trial on the subscription, select “Update trial period” from the options dropdown next to the “Trial” field.
  10. Depending on whether the subscription is already trialing, either enter the number of days until you would like the next payment to be charged or select the date that you would like the next payment to be charged
  11. Disable the “Prorate changes” option
  12. Then, select “Update subscription”

That’s it! No changes need to be made in Paid Memberships Pro during this process.