A recent support request had me debugging and chatting with the Stripe team. The result of that chat revealed an important integration note that I’m sharing with you: Keep your version of the Stripe API up to date in your Stripe dashboard.

Stripe API Version

Paid Memberships Pro is always tested and integrated on the latest API release – which Stripe provides updates for roughly every quarter. We are now specifying the latest Stripe API version in our API calls in the code, but Stripe will continue to send webhook messages in the format based on the API version set in your Stripe Dashboard. Every time you update Paid Memberships Pro, you should log into your Stripe Dashboard and check if there is an API upgrade available.

How to Update Your Stripe API Version

  1. Log in to your Stripe Dashboard
  2. Go to “Developers”
  3. Locate the first box labeled “API Version”.
  4. If an update is available, the button at the top right of this box will be active. Click to upgrade your API Version.

Need to roll back to an earlier API version?

If you upgrade your API version and find issues with your membership site, you can roll back to a previous API version but clicking the same button you used to upgrade it. Please reach out to us on the contact form if you upgrade to the latest API and encounter issues with checkout. It is important to that we stay compatible with the latest Stripe API version.

Comments (10)

What if it warns that upgrading might break the current integration? Do I need to do something with PMPro AFTER updating my API on Stripe? (Yeah, I’m new at this…can you tell? 🙂 )

We should mention something about that warning. They mean that things might stop working if PMPro is not updated to support the new API version. The ideal process would be to update PMPro first, and then any time you update PMPro update the API version in Stripe. If you see a Stripe API update, but no PMPro update, it’s best to wait for PMPro to update first.

Hope that makes sense.

It should be noted that both Stripe and PMPro will do their best to make things reverse compatible to avoid issues if the API calls or versions are off, but things sometimes come up like what happened in this case.

I have recently updated but not sure if this Stripe update was activated by that update or if I need to wait for a further update from PMPro… I have is this the one that I should be waiting for before I update stripe?

Hi Jason, I get the same warning. Do I just “upgrade” or will it break it and if it does what do I have to do to fix it? It is all working fine at the moment! Thanks

I think you should upgrade. PMPro works on the current latest version of the API, and even if you aren’t having problems now, being on the latest version could save you from problems later.

How about a message in the admin to remind us to check this after an update to PMPro? One less thing to forget!

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