We’re excited to announce the official release of the Member Badges Add On, which includes an image upload feature for each membership level and shortcode to display the member’s badge in a page/post/widget.


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How it Works

This add on allows you to assign a unique member badge (image) to each membership level via the Memberships > Membership Levels > Edit Level admin page. You can then display the member’s badge via a shortcode or template PHP function.

This is useful when your site has a forum or other social networking feature and you’d like to highlight each member’s level. For example, you can use the add on’s pmpromb_show_badge() function in combination with a bbPress or BuddyPress hook to show a badge in a topic or group for each participant.

Alternately, consider using the [pmpro_member_badges] on the Membership Account page to offer a visual representation of membership or “award”-type image for your members.

Note that if you were using a previous version of this plugin and upgrade to version .3, any custom edits made to the plugin file will be overwritten.

Included Member Badge Images

You’ll likely want to create your own image badges, but the plugin includes a few built-in badges you can use royalty-free for your projects.

For installation and setup instructions, view the plugin documentation »

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