These shortcodes are currently available as premium code recipes or Add Ons. The shortcode function needs to be included in a plugin for PMPro Customizations (not included in the main Paid Memberships Pro plugin).

Click the headings below to read about each speciality shortcode available in Paid Memberships Pro.


Show content to paying (or not paying) members only


Shortcode and functions to set a discount code for “old members” only and display a link to discounted checkout for old members.


Show the current logged in member’s expiration date or the expiration date for the user specified by the “user” attribute.


Display a count of members by level and/or status via shortcode

[pmpro_member_directory] and [pmpro_member_profile]

Enhance your membership site with a public or members-only searchable directory and customizable member profile pages.


Assign unique member badges (images) to each membership level and display via a shortcode or template PHP function.


Lock a user’s membership level or lock all members of a level for a specified term (for required installments).


A streamlined signup form embedded in any page. Use shortcode attributes to set the level ID, which fields to display (you can even specify email-only signup), and more.