These shortcodes are currently available as premium code recipes or Add Ons. The shortcode function needs to be included in a plugin for PMPro Customizations (not included in the main Paid Memberships Pro plugin).

Speciality Shortcode Recipes Include:


Show content to paying (or not paying) members only


Shortcode and functions to set a discount code for “old members” only and display a link to discounted checkout for old members.


Show the current logged in member’s expiration date or the expiration date for the user specified by the “user” attribute.


Display a count of members by level and/or status via shortcode

[pmpro_member_directory] and [pmpro_member_profile]

Enhance your membership site with a public or members-only searchable directory and customizable member profile pages.


Assign unique member badges (images) to each membership level and display via a shortcode or template PHP function.


Lock a user’s membership level or lock all members of a level for a specified term (for required installments).


A streamlined signup form embedded in any page. Use shortcode attributes to set the level ID, which fields to display (you can even specify email-only signup), and more.