You should always set the IPN URL in your PayPal settings when using Paid Memberships Pro with any of the various PayPal gateways. Continue reading to better understand why you need to set an IPN URL in your PayPal settings.

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How to set your IPN URL in PayPal

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Follow the steps below to configure your PayPal IPN URL:

  1. Log in to

    Enter your account email address and password to log in to PayPal.Screenshot of the PayPal log in page

  2. Go to “Account Settings” > “Website Payments”.

    In the dropdown menu under your account name in the upper right, select “Account Settings”. The Account Settings page has a left side navigation bar. Select “Website Payments” (located toward the bottom of this menu.In your PayPal Account, navigate to Account Settings in the upper right menu

  3. Under “Instant Payment Notifications” click “Update”.

    In the main area of the “Website Payments” page, scroll down to the “Instant Payment Notifications” section. Click “Update”.Click the link to Update in the Instant Payment Notification section

  4. Click “Edit Settings”.

    Once on the IPN page, click the button to “Edit Settings”.
    Click the button to Edit settings on the IPN page of your PayPal Account

  5. Set your “Notification URL” and Enable “IPN Messages”

    Your site’s “Notification URL” can be found in the WordPress admin under Memberships > Settings > Payment Gateway & SSL. Confirm that the setting for “IPN Messages” is set to “Receive IPN Messages (Enabled)”. Save settings.
    Edit and Enable your PayPal Instant Payment Notification URL

Verify IPN Settings in PayPal

After completing the steps above, the PayPal Instant Payment Notifications page should look like the image below.

  • The “Notification URL” is set and exactly matches that in your membership site under Memberships > Settings > Payment Gateway & SSL > IPN Handler URL
  • Message delivery is Enabled.
  • The button is “Turn Off IPN” is greyed out. You can confirm that IPN is On.
PayPal Instant Payment Notifications Settings Page
This is how your PayPal account’s Instant Payment Notifications Settings Page should look.

If you are still having IPN issues, this may be due to something with your hosting or WP setup or a bug in our code. We have some IPN troubleshooting tips here. And if you open a new ticket in the private support area, we can follow up with you to get it resolved.