I just pushed a “dotone” update to the WordPress repository. This update includes some minor and not-so-minor fixes to bugs introduced in 1.7.2 and before. Thanks to everyone who helped us with these.

Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

* Fixed warning when trying to load the “free” gateway on free level checkouts.
* Fixed warning coming from login report tracking.
* Changed all $wpdb->escape() calls to esc_sql() to fix notice.
* Fixed another bug in revenue/sales report for daily charts. (backported to 1.7.2, but a few people who upgraded missed it)
* Fixed bug on add/edit level page that was causing issues in some versions of IE.
* Fixed bug where links in the email_header.html and email_footer.html templates were not being converted to true links.
* Removed an extra $ from the PayPal Express confirmation emails.
* Fixed loading of local (in the paid-memberships-pro/languages directory) translation files. (Should have some bundled with the plugin soon.)

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