User Profile Field settings in Paid Memberships Pro offers many custom field types that you can use to add fields to checkout, member profiles, or for the site administrator only.

This recipe demos how to add multiple checkbox-type fields to your checkout page.

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About Checkbox Fields

I recently had a few members reach out for help in setting up a checkbox or multiple checkboxes on their checkout page. There are a couple of reasons you may want to do this, such as letting members opt-in for an additional service or product, allowing members to choose a specific preference or even to offer multiple “Terms of Service” type agreements.

Follow the steps below to add multiple checkboxes to your checkout page and member profile edit page.

If you need help styling the appearance of the checkbox fields, perhaps if you’d like to have them appear in a column-style layout or inline, please open a ticket in the support area.

Note:It is worth mentioning that PMPro has a built-in “Terms of Service” setting that forces members to agree to terms before completing checkout. This functionality can be found under the “Advanced Settings” section of Paid Memberships Pro.

How to Create a Checkbox-Type User Field

  1. Navigate to Memberships > Settings > User Fields
  2. Choose to add your field to an existing field group or create a new field group using a name of your choice.
  3. Click “+ Add Field” to add a new field to this group.
    • Set the field label to any label of your choice.
    • Choose the checkbox field type.
    • Refer to our full documentation on adding user fields if you need help adjusting the field settings.
  4. Click Save Settings.

That’s it. Your single checkbox field is now displayed based on the group settings for these fields.

You can add additional checkbox-type fields in the settings page. Or, if you need to use a grouped-type checkbox list, see our guide on supported field types and attributes for more help with grouped checkboxes.

Example membership checkout page with checkbox field types.
Example membership checkout page with checkbox field types.

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