How it Works

Our Email Template Admin Editor Add On uses the plugin from the WordPress repository called PMPro Email Templates Add On to add a new admin page under Memberships > Email Templates. From this page you can select a template to edit from any system email included in Paid Memberships Pro. Once selected, each template’s subject line and body text can be modified to your needs. A list of included variables (i.e. !!name!! or !!user_email!!) is provided for easy templating.

You can also opt to disable the distribution of any single system email by checking the “Emails with this template will not be sent” option.

Video Demo

Variable Reference

A list of Variables that you can use to customize the PMPro Emails.

General Settings / Membership Info

!!name!!Display Name (Profile/Edit User > Display name publicly as)
!!sitename!!Site Title
!!siteemail!!Site Email Address (General Settings > Email OR Memberships > Email Settings)
!!membership_id!!Membership Level ID
!!membership_level_name!!Membership Level Name
!!membership_change!!Membership Level Change
!!membership_expiration!!Membership Level Expiration
!!display_name!!Display Name (Profile/Edit User > Display name publicly as)
!!enddate!!User Subscription End Date
!!user_email!!User Email
!!login_link!!Login URL
!!levels_link!!Membership Levels Page URL

Billing Information

!!billing_address!!Billing Info Complete Address
!!billing_name!!Billing Info Name
!!billing_street!!Billing Info Street Address
!!billing_city!!Billing Info City
!!billing_state!!Billing Info State
!!billing_zip!!Billing Info ZIP Code
!!billing_country!!Billing Info Country
!!billing_phone!!Billing Info Phone Number
!!cardtype!!Credit Card Type
!!accountnumber!!Credit Card Number (last 4 digits)
!!expirationmonth!!Credit Card Expiration Month (mm format)
!!expirationyear!!Credit Card Expiration Year (yyyy format)
!!membership_cost!!Membership Level Cost Text
!!instructions!!Payment Instructions (used in Checkout – Email Template)
!!invoice_id!!Invoice ID
!!invoice_total!!Invoice Total
!!invoice_date!!Invoice Date
!!discount_code!!Discount Code Applied
!!invoice_link!!Invoice Page URL


  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-email-templates-addon’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Email Templates’ admin page in the Memberships area of your WordPress admin to modify your templates.

For your reference here is a list of email templates available in Paid Memberships Pro.