PMPro-ShippingDo you have a delivered product, like a food box, wine of the month club, or printed newsletter? Use our PMPro Shipping Address add on to collect the member’s shipping address at checkout.

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  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-shipping’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it. No settings.

The shipping address fields are collected at checkout, included on the Membership Confirmation page and email, as well as editable on the user’s Edit Profile page.

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hi, i have same issue.
I am not a PHP Developer so difficult to understand this a bit.

i checked my Host Servers PHP details, which says

main session.save_path

Argument passed to save_handler. In the case of files, this is the path where data files are stored. Note: Windows users have to change this variable in order to use PHP’s session functions. As of PHP 4.0.1, you can define the path as: session.save_path = “N;/path” where N is an integer. Instead of storing all the session files in /path, what this will do is use subdirectories N-levels deep, and store the session data in those directories. This is useful if you or your OS have problems with lots of files in one directory, and is a more efficient layout for servers that handle lots of sessions. NOTE 1: PHP will not create this directory structure automatically. You can use the script in the ext/session dir for that purpose. NOTE 2: See the section on garbage collection below if you choose to use subdirectories for session storage


Can you help?

Well everything was all well with the host, the problem was that this plugin is not compatible with PAYPAL STD.
I also read about this somewhere in the documentation area.
Then tried with paypal.

But i would like to also comment, that this plugin works good with

It does not. In general, the shipping address plugin is not as feature complete as other shopping cart solutions. So if you need address standardization, integration with shipping companies, etc you should look into those solutions. If you have code or an API to do address standardization, it wouldn’t be too hard to run the addresses through it when saved. It’s something we could do as part of a do it for me project.

Thanks for the add-on! I just tested and it and I see the address fields on checkout but they don’t seem to be added to the user that is created.

I’m getting a “Ship To First Name is required.” prompt. So I thought installing this would fix that but I’m still getting the error prompt. I’m using an sandbox account. Any ideas?

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