We will be holding a Dev Chat on February 2, 2017 at 1pm EST in our Slack Channel.

Dev chat topics include:

  • Dates, Timestamps, and UTC issues.
  • PHP7 Support and PHP5.x Deprecation
  • Update to PMPro core to support multiple payment gateway options at checkout.
  • PMProEmail Class Filters.

All are welcome to join the discussion. Please reply to this blog post and we will add you to the Slack channel before the chat starts.

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Hi Jason – I’d like to at least be able to read the commentary about this. I am a PMPro ‘plus’ subscriber. I can’t be online at 1PM EST on Feb 2, and I have never used Slack before — but if there is any way I could be added, would I be able to at least read the transcript of what you guys covered? Thanks in advance…

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