Open Source, 100% GPLv2
The core plugin and all of our Add Ons all carry a 100% GPLv2 license. You can run Paid Memberships Pro on as many sites as you want. The PMPro code is not obfuscated, so you can customize it to fit your needs or use the code in your own projects. 

Extensive Action and Filter Hooks
The core plugin and our Add Ons have over 300 action and filter hooks available to help you customize and extend the core plugin for your project’s unique needs.

REST API Support
Includes 7 endpoints (and growing) for the REST API to support integration with third-party platforms and services.

Bulk Update Scripts and Tools
Developer’s Toolkit offers database scripts and batch tools to process changes like content restrictions, membership level cancellations, and for running on a staging site.

Fully localized frontend and admin strings that can be translated using GlotPress or a translation tool like Poedit.

Debugging Tools
System emails and gateways offer built-in debugging tools to log errors to a file or to a specific email address.