Enhance the design of your membership emails with a custom header and footer containing your site’s name, logo and link.

PMPro Email Template Generator Example

How it Works

The form below generates the code for your Email Header and Email Footer. You can add this code to the appropriate template on the Memberships > Settings > Email Templates page in the WordPress admin.

Just enter your Site Name, Logo URL and Site URL—the form will display an email preview and the code to copy into the appropriate fields in your membership site admin. Give it a try!

If you don’t have a logo for your membership site, see this post about designing a logo for your WordPress Membership site.

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Your Site Name

Dear !!name!!,

Thank you for your membership to !!sitename!!. Your membership account is now active.

Below are details about your membership account.
Account: !!display_name!! (!!user_email!!)
Membership Level: !!membership_level_name!!


© 2023 Your Site Name

  Email Template Code

Email Header HTML

Copy and paste this content into the 'Email Header' template under 'Memberships' > 'Email Templates'.

Email Footer HTML

Copy and paste this content into the 'Email Footer' template under 'Memberships' > 'Email Templates'.

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