The entrepreneur behind the artist community at Philly Side Arts uses Paid Memberships Pro to charge both artists and businesses membership fees for premium access.

Using PMPro, Side Arts can manage 4 different membership levels: free artists, premium artists, free businesses, and premium businesses. Upgrading from a free account to a premium account takes only a few clicks and activates new features in real time. Membership fees for the premium levels are collected directly on the website, maximizing conversion rates.

Side Arts also uses PMPro as a framework for determining which membership levels receive which permissions. Paying businesses can post to the blog. Paying artists gain more images for their gallery, access to premium content on the blog, and much more.

Side Arts is also running WordPress with “Network Sites”. As I write this, is the only site on the network, but other communities are planned which will all run off the same WordPress install and the same copy of Paid Memberships Pro.

Check out Philly Side Arts now for a live example of a site running Paid Memberships Pro.

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