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Stripe Payment OptionWe launched version 1.4 of the plugin last month, which included an overhaul of the gateway integration code and the addition of support for integrating with Stripe.

(If you haven’t upgraded, get the latest version now.)

Stripe is an interesting payment option as it allows you to accept credit cards on your site, but gets around the PCI Compliance issues by using javascript to tokenize the credit card information before passing it through your servers. What this basically means is that your checkout functions the same way as an or PayPal onsite checkout, but is much more secure.

Stripe’s fees are comparable to the other big gateways, though their structure is much more simple. It’s just just 2.9% + $0.30. That’s it. No monthly fees. No extra fees for gift cards or American Express. There chargeback fee is $15, which is less than I pay with now.

Stripe is a new company, and maybe hasn’t had enough time to rack up the complaints, but they seem to be doing everything right. Their signup is very fast. You can accept payments immediately. What we love most of all is how clear their API and API documentation is. You can tell that the system is built by modern day developers who understand how it is going to be used.

With regards to Paid Memberships Pro integration, some of the pricing options are unavailable out of the box if you are using Stripe. But you can do one-time checkouts, monthly or annual recurring payments, or a combination of those two. Free trials are possible, but billing cycle limits are not supported at this time.

Strip also has some features that we don’t take advantage of out of the box, like prorated upgrades/downgrades and the ability to update a user’s subscription without re-authorizing (e.g. for metered billing).

Nearly anything is possible with a little bit of work though. So get in touch if you have needs that are not supported out of the box.

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