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Thanks for this excellent post, Kim! I was just on the verge of installing Simple Local Avatars, and since we are using Theme My Login, it’s nice to have been steered away in the nick of time. I’m going to give Basic User Avatars a try.

Hi Kim! I’ve run into some incredible conflicts with some avatar plugins I’ve tried, and I haven’t emerged from the thicket yet. I’m definitely experiencing a “clash of the titans” after installing Buddypress, just as you wrote above.

I just wanted to see if you have any updates to this excellent article – which avatar plugins would you currently recommend?



Hi Kim. I tried adding your code to resolve the simple avatar problem running with PMP but it just crashed my site. Wondering if I am doing anything wrong? Thanks. Matt.

Hi all,

Looks like the WP User shortcode in the example above is no longer working.

I was able to replace that ones with other shortcodes and get the same functionality.

From the Plugin support page:

“Use the [avatar_upload] shortcode to add a standalone uploader to a front page or widget. This uploader is only visible to logged-in users.
Use the [avatar] shortcode in your posts. These shortcodes will work with any theme, whether it has avatar support or not.”

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