How We Built A Subscriber List of 60,000+ Members

Paid Memberships Pro has always been and always will be 100% GPL and available for free to download from So how are we capturing (and hopefully converting) all of these free users of our plugin and documentation?

Below are a few tactics that have helped Paid Memberships Pro grow into (one of) the most used membership plugins for WordPress.

Email Marketing Integrations for Paid Memberships Pro

Below is a list of the third-party email marketing integrations available for Paid Memberships Pro. We have recently updated this list as some of the Add Ons for email integration are no longer supported or need to be updated to support the third party’s latest API.

Updated OAuth Authentication for our AWeber Integration

AWeber is releasing an update to their OAuth authentication and API calls, and we’ve released v1.3 of our AWeber Integration Add On to meet their new requirements. Read the steps below to update, authenticate, and continue using AWeber with your WordPress site.

Set Up a Landing Page to Capture Email Addresses

I recently created a tutorial video on how to set up a landing page in just 5 minutes using PMPro + Register Helper + the Memberlite theme.

Set Up a Landing Page to Capture Email AddressesThe landing page in the demo gives access to a video, but you could offer other freemium content like an eBook, White Paper, audio file, subscription to a newsletter, or file download.

Watch the Video