Please upgrade to as soon as possible. Especially if you installed PMPro fresh from version 1.7 or

There was a huge bug with the DB generation in version 1.7 and of the plugin, which was causing issues on fresh installs of PMPro 1.7 or (if you upgraded from an earlier version, you would have been okay).

Issues included not being able to change someone’s level, checkout not redirecting, and changing of levels just generally not working across the plugin.

Upgrading to version that was just pushed out should fix your problem. If not, please open a support thread on the forums or on the site here.

Needless to say, this was a big issue and should have been caught in testing. We are updating our testing methods to catch things like this in the future (i.e. doing more testing on fresh installs of the plugin and specific upgrade paths).

Thanks and sorry for the trouble this has caused.

p.s. For those interested, the issue arose as we have moved from using simple DB queries to setup the PMPro DB tables to using the WordPress dbDelta() function. During this switch we updated the CREATE TABLE queries in the plugin to reflect the latest database schema for the PMPro tables. Somehow we missed the id and status fields on the pmpro_memberships_users table. These fields were added in version 1.5 (they allow us to better track level activations and cancellations for reporting and are also part of our effort to allow multiple membership levels per user). Version of the plugin checks for these columns in the pmpro_memberships_users table and if not found will re run the upgrade scripts from the 1.5 upgrade. Furthermore, in all of our test sites, we either started with an older version of PMPro and upgraded to the latest version or installed PMPro with some of the old tables still in place and generally dropped the ball on testing PMPro fully on brand new fresh installs.

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I have tested this component with version 1.7.1 and it was working fine with that setting and still i am getting transaction and profile ID with old setup of paid pro component. But for my new site when i have tried with 1.7.2 version and it’s not even give me transaction ID and profile ID. I did all the settings which i have set in previous setup but still it’s not working..

– set the merchant email ID
– set Instant payment notification URL in my sandbox account.

Can you please let me know the reason why it’s not working Or something more needs to set with newer version. please reply ASAP.

Sandip Chhaya


I’m wondering if there is a timeline on the allowing multiple subscriptions per user? I am hoping to launch 7 courses (which are categories of content in WP) and at this point if someone buys Course: Socks for $25, then buys Course: Mittens for $25 dollars, they lose access to Course: Socks. The two courses aren’t sequential so having access to Socks in the Mittens Course doesn’t work.

At this point, the only way I see to manage this is manually adding people to a Course: Socks & Mittens if they contact me that they lost access to their first course. We have approaching 900 registered users, most subscribing to our Free level but as we launch more courses this problem is going to limit our ability to grow.

Is there a solution, a module I need to pay for to make this work better?

Thanks for using PMPro now. Sorry the multiple simultaneous levels isn’t ready for your site.

We hope to have support for multiple simultaneous membership levels by the end of the year. While it’s a big undertaking to get the plugin working in general that way, it is a bit easier to set it up on an individual site for a specific use case, etc. We could do it as part of a “Do it For Me” plan for you if you can’t wait until the end of the year.

Is there a way for me to do it myself, by subscribing to the PMPro Membership? If there was a tutorial or recipe there we could definitely afford that level, the Do It For Me isn’t something we can afford at this time.

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