This is getting a little ridiculous, but update fixes DB issues with folks who would have installed or fresh. Hope this is the last fix for this series. Sorry again.

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just want to ask where is this feature? seems we can’t find it
“Reports page in dashboard with login report.”

and also thus the plugin has a report export

Under “Memberships” in your dashboard menu, you should see a “Reports” menu item. Click on that. Each report has a widget. Click on the widget to see the full report. No CSV export for the login report, but that’s a good idea.

Hi Jason, don’t know if those comments reach you, as I always see a 0 responses after havin submitted my content.

I would love to recommend your plugin to my trainées (I am teaching WP), but I am still missing 3 very important features:

1) Add Members manually
2) Payment option “Wire Transfer” with accepting payments manually
3) Secure download links for digital products

I would gladly pay 100 € per year for your plugin with those enhancements!

Kind regards from Austria,

eliZZZa, I hadn’t been following the comments on the blog that well, but will be from now on. I’ve followed up with you by email I believe. But to reiterate here:

1. You add a WP user. Then edit them and change their membership level.

2. Sounds like you could use the “check” payment gateway. Could make this more fluid through customization or I suppose make a “Wire Transfer” gateway based on the check one.

3. Here’s how you lock down files:

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