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We’ve just added a new guide for writing a payment gateway plugin for Paid Memberships Pro. The guide provides an overview of the steps to writing your gateway plugin and outlines the hooks and filters that may be used in your gateway (with reference to the appropriate hook/filter documentation).

Payment Gateway Plugin Development Guide

Download The Example Gateway Plugin

You can use the gateway plugin linked to below as a starting point for your new gateway development. Not all hooks and functions will be needed for your gateway class, it just depends on the gateway you are integrating and how that integration works.

Download Example Gateway View on GitHub

If you run into questions, it may be useful to reference an existing gateway class, such as a our Stripe gateway class. You can view all gateway classes in the GitHub repository here.

Contribute Your Gateway to Paid Memberships Pro

We’re 100% GPL and Open Source and we hope you will consider sharing your code with the Paid Memberships Pro Community. Once your gateway is complete, please email with a link to your plugin on GitHub. We will review the code and publicize it to our community.