How It Works

Community and Membership sites on WordPress use this plugin as a lightweight solution for custom user avatars. 

Admins can upload a user’s avatar on the Edit User admin screen.

Basic User Avatars also supports front-end avatar management for sites that want to keep users out of the dashboard. To use this feature, add the shortcode basic-user-avatars to any page in your WordPress site.


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New in the WordPress admin.
  2. Search for the plugin by name.
  3. Click “Install”, then “Activate”.

Set Up

  1. If you only want users with file upload capabilities to upload avatars, check the applicable option under Settings > Discussion.
  2. Navigate to Users > Edit User to upload a custom avatar for your users.
  3. Add the basic-user-avatars shortcode to a page in your WordPress site to allow front-end avatar upload for your users.

bbPress support is added automatically if bbPress is activated.

Video: Allow Members to Set Up a Custom Avatar

Migrate From WP User Avatar Plugin

Version 1.0.5 includes a feature to automatically convert avatars formerly loaded through the WP User Avatar plugin. This means that you can disable WP User Avatar, activate Basic User Avatars, and have a seamless transition for existing avatars in your site. Be sure to update any avatar upload form that used the avatar_upload shortcode to use the shortcode: basic-user-avatars.

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