Offer flexible membership options without having to create duplicate levels or use custom code. Our new Auto-Renewal Checkbox add on allows members to select whether they would like a fixed term or recurring subscription membership.

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How it Works

The add on adds a new setting on the Membership Levels > Edit page allowing the admin to turn on or off the “auto-renewal” setting. The admin can define whether the level offers an auto-renewal option, and can specify if the default behavior is automatic renewal or fixed term.

For example, if your level has an initial payment of $10 and a recurring subscription of $10 per month, the member can select to simply purchase the level for $10 for a single month or to purchase the monthly subscription.


Member can optionally select auto-renewal at checkout.
Member can optionally select auto-renewal at checkout.

Set the option on the level under Memberships > Membership Levels > Edit” width=”800″ height=”195″ class=”size-full wp-post-image”><br />
<em>Set the option on the level under Memberships > Membership Levels > Edit</em></p>
<h3><a href=PMPro Plus members can install the add on from the Memberships > Add Ons admin page or download the plugin and manually upload to your WordPress site.

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Before installing this plugin I had the expiration date set at 1 year. With the optional recurring billing, what happens if the user chooses not to auto-renew? If I try to set up an expiration time of 1 year I get the following message: “WARNING: This level is set with both a recurring billing amount and an expiration date. You only need to set one of these unless you really want this membership to expire after a certain number of payments”.

I read the article referenced, but I’m still a bit confused. The user with auto-billing will get billed again at 1 year. But what would happen with the one who decides not to auto-renew? What happens after 1 year?

The Add On handles the option of allowing recurring or single term membership. You should simply set your level to have an initial payment and recurring subscription per your period/terms. The Add On will display the option to give people a fixed term membership and only bill them the initial payment, then expire them after 1 period/term. (i.e. a $100/year membership should have a $100 initial payment, $100 per 1 year, no expiration. Members opting to not set up recurring payment will pay $100 at checkout and cancel after 1 year.


I want the members to be able to modify their auto renew selection, can’t find this anywhere. Is this possible, ideally they would login to their may account page and edit there?

At this time, once checkout is complete, the member can’t opt back in to automatic renewals. Members can cancel their membership, which will cancel their auto renewal. If you use this in combination with the recipe here, a member could cancel their auto-renewal and then maintain their membership through next payment date.

Hi PMPro,

I’m using your plugin for my website and loving it.

I had a quick question about this feature: I’m using the WooCommerce integration to sell my products. Is there a way to add the auto-renewal checkbox on the WooCommerce checkout ?



I’m looking for some documentation with which to reassure a client that if we have auto renew turned on by default, that members can easily can the auto renewal on an individual basis. How/where can a member do that?


Pls clarify if i’ve set this correctly:

A membership level that’s a monthly subscription, that if they cancel their subscription will expire the end of the paid month.

Do I set in the membership level the following:

Expires In: 30 days

Set the duration of membership access. Note that the any future payments (recurring subscription, if any) will be cancelled when the membership expires.


Kim, we loaded on Texas Beekeepers Association site, activated plug-in, but nothing shows on our Membership Levels admin page to turn it on / off. Did I miss something?

Also agree this is a very good feature, thanks.

My question is about one of our sites which doesn’t accept new members. There are over 1000 existing members and this won’t increase.

Existing members update their profile through a custom form we provide which updates the wp_usermeta table directly.

Will we be able to provide members with an option to choose or change their renewal option via our form?

I like this idea, however would you please go into some more details about the following scenario:

The user chooses to have recurring payments, but some time later decides not to have recurring payments. I assume we all think they should go back to my site and uncheck a box in their profile, save the changes, and this add on would take care of all the rest behind the curtain and all would be peachy. But what if they log into the gateway (Stripe or PayPal Express for example) instead to cancel the recurring payment? Is this OK. Will this option even exist for them in their gateway? Will the changes made at the gateway be reflected in my site when they log in?

Also, how would I go about letting the Admin get emails for changes made by the member to this new recurring payments option?

Can we set up in a way that members pay say $10 for the first year, then auto-renewal for another 1 (or any number) more year for also $10, then automatically stop paying for good. Thank you.

Hi Kimberly,
I forgot to ask as well, how would this work with the Expiring Membership emails that get sent out to members as their membership is about to expire? Would they still get that email even though they would have signed up for renewal?

This is a great addition. I really wish y’all would just bake stuff like this into the core app and let us turn it off and on with settings. There are sooooo many plugins to make this thing customizable.

Thank you for the feedback – we are always balancing keeping the core plugin lightweight/modular so that site owners can “turn on” only the functionality they want.

When add ons become widely used/requested/stabilized over time we regularly move features into the core plugin as we see fit.

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