Use the following code recipe to display a “Renew” link on the Membership Account page at your desired period before a member’s expiration date.

Showing the Renew link on the PMPro Membership Account Page

About the Code Recipe

By default, when a member signs up for a membership level that has an expiration date, they will see a “Renew” link a certain number of days prior to their membership expiration date. When a member “Renews” their membership, the new period is automatically tacked on to the end of their existing membership level. The core plugin has built-in logic to determine when the “Renew” link appears based on the active member’s billing and expiration date settings.

If the member logs in to their membership account before this timeframe is triggered, they will instead see a “Change” link, allowing them to view current membership level offerings and change their membership level. This code recipe allows you to control exactly when the “Renew” link will appear for the member.

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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