Imagine making money while you sip lemonade, play with your dog, or watch the latest episode of Bridgerton. That’s the allure of passive income. It’s the holy grail of earning. 🏖️

But how do you open up that sweet, effortless revenue stream into your bank account?

One of the best ways to earn passive income is to create an online course. But don’t start sipping that lemonade just yet. Tons of hard work goes into the front end of creating a successful course.

You have to:

  • Figure out what you’ll teach
  • Write scripts
  • Record videos
  • Market your course

And a whole lot more if you want to earn that lemonade-sipping money. 🍋

If you create an online course people want to take, the rewards of that hard work can pay off exponentially. And, lucky for you, we have just the webinar to help you get your online education money stream flowing.

PMPro hosted a webinar with Curtis McHale, WordPress developer and online course creator. Curtis covers his four-step process for planning, creating, publishing, and marketing an online course.