Paid Memberships Pro is a plugin for WordPress installs running version 4.0 or higher. We continually validate the core Paid Membership Pro plugin and our library of Add Ons for compatibility with new WordPress releases.

Select a section to explore more information related to compatibility and your membership site:


Paid Memberships Pro should work on any host that supports WordPress 5.0 or higher. Server: We recommend a Linux-based server at the equivalent of a “Virtual Dedicated Server” or higher when choosing a hosting plan. Shared hosting plans that rely heavily on caching are not a good fit because membership sites cannot be cached as aggressively as standard (more…)


Page Builders

Many Paid Memberships Pro sites leverage a builder to create their membership site. Continue reading to explore specific compatibility for the popular page builders listed below or view this guide on resolving known conflicts with Page Builders in general.



Paid Memberships Pro will work with any WordPress theme. Certain themes with dark backgrounds or heavy styling may need to have some CSS rules added to your stylesheet to ensure that text is readable. Browse our demo area to preview Paid Memberships Pro in some popular WordPress themes.



Paid Memberships Pro v2.6+ offers native support for Zapier, a third-party service to connect your apps and automate workflows. In this guide, we explain the available triggers and actions you can use in the Zapier app to automate your WordPress membership site….

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Other Plugins

We try as hard as possible to have PMPro work alongside any plugins you may have installed. The following types of plugins may cause issues when run alongside PMPro: Other membership plugins. Plugins that redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS URLs or vice versa. Plugins that redirect to or from the login or registration pages. If (more…)


If you are running an earlier release of WordPress and would like to know if the plugin is compatible with your installation, contact us. As we gather more compatibility information, we will post it here.