Paid Memberships Pro is a plugin for WordPress installs running version 4.0 or higher. We continually validate the core Paid Membership Pro plugin and our library of Add Ons for compatibility with new WordPress releases. More specific compatibility details are listed below:

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Payment Gateways

Paid Memberships Pro integrates with a number of top payment gateways. Click here to view all integrated gateways. If you are interested in using a gateway that is not included in the plugin, please review our guide on adding a new Payment Gateway option to Paid Memberships Pro.

Braintree Payments
Standard, Express, Website Payments Pro, Payflow, & Advanced

Other Third-Party Services

We have integration for a number of popular third-party plugins and services, including:


Paid Memberships Pro should work on any host that supports WordPress 3.0 or higher.

  • Server: We recommend a Linux-based server at the equivalent of a “Virtual Dedicated Server” or higher when choosing a hosting plan. Shared hosting plans that rely heavily on caching are not a good fit because membership sites cannot be cached as aggressively as standard sites.
  • PHP: We strongly recommend a hosting environment that uses PHP version 7 or greater.
  • MySQL: The version of MySQL on your server should be version 5.6 or greater.
  • SSL: To enable SSL, you will need a dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate [docs].
  • CURL: This command line tool is needed for several of our gateway integrations. In most cases you can ask your host to enable CURL for you if it is not enabled by default.

Note that Windows-based hosting platforms should be able to run PMPro, but we do not do extensive testing on that setup. If you have issues, please contact us to work them out.


Due to the nature of a membership site (you want to show some users one set of content and other users another set of content) you cannot have caching enabled on any member-protected content. For this reason, make sure that the hosting plan you have selected performs at the level you need when caching is disabled. If you use any caching plugins for WordPress, make sure that your member pages and also the pages created by PMPro are excluded from the cache.

If you have a large site under heavy load that you can no longer throw more hardware at to improve performance, we can work out caching solutions for you individually. Contact us for more information.

Read more about Caching and Paid Memberships Pro.

Theme Compatibility

PMPro will work with any WordPress theme. Certain themes with dark backgrounds or heavy styling may need to have some CSS rules added to your stylesheet to ensure that text is readable.

Browse our demo area to preview Paid Memberships Pro in some popular WordPress themes.

Plugin Compatibility

We try as hard as possible to have PMPro work alongside any plugins you may have installed. The following types of plugins may cause issues when run alongside PMPro:

  • Other membership plugins.
  • Plugins that redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS URLs or vice versa.
  • Plugins that redirect to or from the login or registration pages.

If you are having an incompatibility issue, please sign up for a support membership account and contact us to work out the issue.

If you are running an earlier release of WordPress and would like to know if the plugin is compatible with your installation, contact us. As we gather more compatibility information, we will post it here.