pmpro_email_templatesThis plugin adds a new admin page under Memberships > Email Templates. From this page you can select a template to edit from any system email included in Paid Memberships Pro. Once selected, each template’s subject line and body text can be modified to your needs. A list of included variables (i.e. !!name!! or !!user_email!!) is provided for easy templating.

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  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-email-templates-addon’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Email Templates’ admin page in the WordPress dashboard Menberships Menu to modify your templates.

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This will actually leave them alone. It only pulls the default emails from the plugins/paid-memberships-pro/emails directory, so you can just copy and paste your existing templates into the editor. πŸ™‚

It depends on the additional code, but this should override all PMPro email code in general, so you shouldn’t have to remove it, (but it might be a good idea anyway if you’re using the plugin).

I have added this plugin. I have also tried to change an email template. I have disabled all other plugins except PMP. The subjects do not update and when the email is sent, the original/default email text as well as my new email text appear in the email.

Lisa, are you still having trouble? A new version went out about a week ago, could you make sure you’re using version 0.4 and let us know if the issues persist? Thanks!

LOVE PM-PRO. However, turning on this templates plugin is disabling the normal PM Pro emails to both the user and the admin (registration level changed, etc.) So I disabled it until next update and will try again.

Anyone having issues should make sure they’re using version 0.4 of the addon. There were a bunch of bug fixes that went out with that release. Let us know if you’re having any more trouble after that!

I’m confused, from what I read this plugin is HTML friendly etc, however when I enter html code it breaks it and adds characters for example comes back as when saved and so on.

I’m trying to style a header without luck.

it appears the html code example I added in the previous post was not allowed πŸ™ when adding “name” in a div and what not, it comes back as \”name\” i hope that makes sense.

Hey David, thanks for the heads up! We just released a new version to the WordPress repo with this fix, so you can go ahead and update πŸ™‚

This isn’t really working properly for me… When I select an email, the form to edit the email’s content doesn’t actually display. I’ve tried in IE, FireFox and Chrome…

Are you using the latest version of the plugin? In Chrome, try hitting F12 before switching templates, click the Network tab, and see if a new entry for admin-ajax.php pops up when you try switching templates, and if results in a 200 (OK) response. If it does, you can click on that entry in the left hand side under “Name”, and click preview to see if your body and subject are not blank.

my problem is similar to Lisa’s , I can’t edit the template, it just repeats what i added with the default, moreover, i wanted to edit the default link , so if any member got in their confirmation e mail will take them to the login page, instead of another page, needless to say there is No way of doing that, I have tried over and over again to do it through e mail templates and still not working ….. can anyone get back to me soon,. ?
thanks πŸ™‚

Are you using the latest version of the addon (.5.2 right now) ? If not, try upgrading to the newest version. If you’re already on it – sorry, can you explain the issue a little more clearly? Also, you can add any of your own variables using the pmpro_email_data filter, but there is no way (currently) to add new variables like that through the addon. Does that make sense?.

I tried installing the email template addon but it doesn’t work for me: it doesn’t add any “email templates” page under “membership” menu. Moreover, after installation there are some wrong redirections: for example, clicking on “membership” menu redirects to a non-existent “email-templates” page that triggers a 404 error

It sounds like your plugin is not properly set up or there is a conflict in your dashboard. If you can inspect the page within the browser there may be errors that can provide more information. You can also try navigating to the email templates page directly by appending your site URL with wp-admin/admin.php?page=pmpro-email-templates

I tried installation twice and I’m using TML.. don’t know if there’s some compatibility issue

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