The second step of Paid Memberships Pro setup is to manage the WordPress pages assigned to each required Paid Memberships Pro page under Memberships > Page Settings.

If you get to this step and don’t see the link to “let us generate them for you”, here’s how to troubleshoot or create the pages manually.

Did you move the pages to trash?

The #1 reason this link is missing is that someone, at some point created the pages then “deleted” them. If the pages “Membership Account, “Membership Billing”, etc. are in Pages > All Pages > Trash, click the “Restore” link for each page. The previously generated pages should now be assigned under Memberships > Page Settings.

If you don’t find the pages in the trash, here’s the manual process to create, configure, and assign the required Paid Memberships Pro pages.

Create Your Pages

Under Pages > Add New, create the following pages with the following shortcodes in the page text. You can name these pages, set up their template or hierarchy however you want.

Page Name (suggested) Required Shortcode
Membership Account [pmpro_account]
Membership Billing [pmpro_billing]
Membership Cancel [pmpro_cancel]
Membership Checkout [pmpro_checkout]
Membership Confirmation [pmpro_confirmation]
Membership Invoice [pmpro_invoice]
Membership Levels [pmpro_levels]

Assign the Pages

  1. Navigate to Memberships > Page Settings.
  2. For each required Paid Memberships Pro page, select the page you created in the dropdown list.
  3. Save the settings.

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Hi Kimberley. I have an issue with a redirect loop when this short code is added to the page [pmpro_account]. Can you tell me how to remove this redirect loop, so the page shows?

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Redirect loops are tricky to debug through comments and forums. It could be almost anything.

If you post to our members forum and follow up with a private reply with your URL, WP Admin user/pass, and FTP host/user/pass we can log into your site to clear it up for you.

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Thanks Jason, How much does it cost to post in the members forum to get this sorted? Can it be with the PMPro Core membership?

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Hi Jason I just wanted to say that along with a change of hosting from shared to a cloud server and with the payment of the “Pro” membership level and with the last fresh install of the plugin and the new pages for each of the membership account pages. The redirect loop has ceased!

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We’ve upgraded to the “premium” ver.. I’ve attempted to scrub our Free ver to make the Premiums ver see a clean install environment. No can do.. I followed your Pages > All Pages > Restore suggestion and I still get the 404 error when attempting to review the PMP generated Pages.. Payment setup was successful..


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Can you open a thread in the member forums and follow up with a private reply with the URL of your site and admin user/pass? Then we can take a look around and see what happened.


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